MIL seems to be coming around

Remember my post about my MIL, and how she thought we already had too many kids, and was studiously ignoring my current pregnancy? I was worried she might keep that treatment up after the baby was born.

Well, they called yesterday from the road, as they are on an extended trip trying out their new teardrop trailer across the whole country (one of the perks of being retired :wink: ) and they heard our answering machine message saying that we might be having the baby yesterday. (We didn’t…:frowning: ) When DH called them back, he said his mom actually sounded excited. I guess now that it’s really gonna be a baby she can hold, she’s looking forward to it. :smiley:

DH seems upset by her previous attitude and thinks this change of heart should have come sooner. But I told him, hey, let’s just be happy with what we can get. Victoria (the baby) won’t be affected by anything that came before this, and as long as grandma treats her well once she is here, that is all that matters.

So, yay… grandmotherly instincts seem to have kicked in at last. I guess the prospect of another baby to hold can overcome a lot…

I am glad to hear about this news! I felt so bad for you when you posted that thread.

Good luck with the birth of baby Victoria.

Clinch it by giving Victoria grandma’s name for a middle name! :wink:


Yay! Maybe it won’t take her as long to come to her senses for the next baby. :wink:

You’ve chosen a beautiful name for your baby girl, DJ. I really like it.
Jotting “Victoria” down on my Potential Baby Names For Girls List.

I have a Victoria.
Victoria Rosemarie

IN just about any situations where grandparents are not particularly happy about their status, the baby herself turns their attitude around 180 right quick. let the baby speak for herself.

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