Milestone in solar cell efficiency achieved


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Great. Multi junction with different band gap certainly allows for more mining of the available energy. The complexity translates to very high cost, but those are solvable problems.

Wonderful amount of foresight on God’s part, to give us ways to solve these kind of problems.



Hi Stephie,

It’s still not the whole picture.

Yes, God has given us a part of His creative ability. It’s wonderful.



Hope I’m wrong but have to call BS on these claims, their math doesn’t add up at all

RayGen’s 2kW PV Ultra module, pictured here next to a regular business card, is ultra-compact and ultra-capable. It is over 1000 times more powerful than, and twice as efficient as, normal photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Just two of these small modules can make enough power to run a home. The extraordinary capability of the RayGen PV Ultra module can be harnessed using concentrated light from a field of wireless ‘smart’ mirrors.

When compared to typical photovoltaic technology, the PV Ultra system requires just 1/1000th of the photovoltaic material and half of the solar collector area to produce the same power.

The RayGen solar collector consists of wireless mirrors that track the sun, delivering a concentrated light beam to the array of PV Ultra modules in the receiver, as shown below.

They use mirrors to concentrate the suns energy from a much larger area. This same trick can be used with other collector technologies. A true comparison would need to be done on that basis, both using cheaper mirrors to concentrate the suns energy.

They don’t clearly disclose their figures but let’s assume a regular PV panel is 15% efficient, and this new panel is 30% efficient.

You should be able to match the :2 business cards" new panel with the same mirror setup but with a regular collector of less than 1 ft square. I have one of those for camping and they are pretty cheap.

The magic is all in the mirrors :smiley:
and your ability to keep them correctly adjusted to concentrate the energy.

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