Militant Atheists

I ran across this article,
that I think correctly outlines a resugence in angry Atheism. The media is not just reporting about atheist books and other actions but have become participants as well.

Over the years, who has been objecting to the oversexualization of all media? The oversexualization of American culture? Who has been promoting prostitution as a “victimless crime”? And putting more and more sex and dysfunctionality on TV?

Wake up my brothers and sisters in Christ, what is normal and average and functional has been replaced with the abnormal, strange and dysfunctional. Pray for all those who revel in this.

God bless,


We are nearing the End of Days. The Bible says mankind will become more and more corrupt.

All this is further proof that it is happening. You cannot reason with these kinds of people. They will not make any effort to believe or compromise.

No, you cannot reason with them. But prayer does wonders. :thumbsup:

Surely you can reason with unbelievers! Indeed, I welcome and ask you to do so.

As to ‘making an effort to believe,’ well now think a second! I presume you mean ‘believe as you Believe,’ yes? And what might that be? The Big Sky Father (all Abrahamic religions)? The Hindu Pantheon? Tiny pink nasal unicorns? Great Sleeping Cthulhu?

To those of us who have never known theism, all of those seem very strange. And yet, we are quite capable of moral backbone and even (I will dare to say) wisdom. If you wish to make a case for nontheism as being the root of social decay, you’re going to have to do much, much better than this, and always remembering that every generation in every land has claimed that ‘morals aren’t what they used to be, oyyyyy.’

I happen to agree that we have experienced a nasty overall social decline in many ways, but I cannot see any correlation, let alone causation, with nontheism here.

So, perhaps there is grounds for compromise after all. I have never been a theist in my life, yet I am happy to entertain any ideas that might begin recovery. Personally, I think strict classical education is the key, for a start, all religious denominations and hoodlyhoo aside.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not feel the need to praise a 12 year old for forming an intelligible sentence? Perhaps then one might praise this child on their merits beyond the classroom too. It’s small, but it’d be a start.

While there certainly are those unbelievers with whom one can reason, the title of this thread brought to my mind someone I’d met who can only be described as a ‘rabid fundamentalist atheist’. Mere mention of Christianity was enough to set off this fellow. For example–it’s an internet posting board where I ‘encountered’ him, and a thread topic was “Name your favorite music”–so you get the usual listings of popular modern groups, jazz greats, classical composers, and someone had posted that their favorite was “Contemporary Christian Music”. Now, leaving aside any comments on the merits or lack thereof of that particular genre, said rabid fundamentalist atheist posted a rant about how that was ‘shoving your religion down my throat’. Note that the CCM poster wasn’t saying everyone ought to listen to that music, merely answering a question to all visitors re: favorite music.

To me, the ‘you can’t reason with’ are the militant atheists who seem to be wearing a chip the size of Idaho on their shoulder, waiting for someone to knock it off.

Well, nobody holds the patent on Stupid. Very few ‘Atheists’ are actually into yelling ‘There is no god!!!’ while frothing at the mouth Usually it’s a matter of ‘what? Gods? okay, demonstrate, show me!’. If only that unfrothiness were so rare among the religious!

The Ginormous Shoulder-chip Syndrome is common among all people, and hardly correspondent with one’s faith or lack thereof. Some people just have to grind an axe, no matter what. Sigh.

Reason with an atheist? Possibly. The key word I get from this post is militant. Quick English lesson here. Militant means:engaged in warfare; fighting;or aggressive person or party.

They will hit you with a lot more of their **** than you want to hear. People like that should be avoided. Call me crazy, but I’m finding it easier to deal with Protestants than atheists. I want to try and love atheists, but it is too hard. They are so full of hate.

But I guess you could call me a militant Catholic! :smiley:

The knowledge that comes from man is different than the knowledge that comes from God. The voluntary obedience that is given to the commands of God are greater than the commands of men. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I have no problem dealing with atheists and those who believe other than I do. Again, no problem. Recently, atheists like Richard Dawkins have stated that teaching children about the Christian God and hell is child abuse. Sam Harris is deeply critical of his fellow scientists for even considering the words of the Pope in their discussions. Militant evolutionists have gone to Christian sites not to educate but to cram down the throats of Christians their undying belief in the evidence for the Theory of Evolution which they proclaim as a fact with all the fire and brimstone of a preacher. Disagree with them and the Christian God, and the Holy Bible and you yourself will be attacked.

A Creation Museum was opened in Ohio and who came out to protest? A group supported by atheists. It was called Rally For Reason, why not Rally For Science? It is crystal clear that Science is not the issue, the issue is a belief in any God or any Holy Book. This is made clear when they refer to the Bible as a book of myths and fairy tales. So what is always more important than Science is their desire to wipe out religion, the cause of most of the world’s problems in their eyes, as if there were no saints.

I’m tired of their constantly starting debates which always go in the same direction: “You don’t believe in the God of Science? You ignorant, willfully ignorant, cretard, bible-thumping IDiot with your book of myths and fairy tales.”

Let’s face the facts here. Militant Atheism is job one. Those irritating religious types are bad. Worship science. But my point is, they are ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth. This is getting really old really fast. It will disappear soon since the novelty will wear off and a new cause will be discovered.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, pray for them.

God bless,

I think that statement is certainly open to argument. There are many moral thoughts of atheists that I disagree with. While I think homosexuality, abortion, euthanesia and the death penalty are morally wrong, many atheists agree completely with these precepts.

Moral backbone is most subjective.

Some may find the above morally acceptable yet find incest morally incorrect. What makes the Mormon concept of polygamy wrong but makes homosexuality right?

It’s a very fine line we dance on.

Here are some things to consider.

  1. Yes, there are many atheists with what theists would call “high moral values” (excepting of course, respect for God). But they did not originate with atheism. Our entire culture has been inculcated with a set of moral norms which originated primarily with religion, and in the US, the Judeo-Christian ethic. Despite the secular/atheist attack on what seems like everything, there is still a backbone of moral goodness that runs through our overall culture.

  2. Morals aren’t what they used to be. In the old days (which I remember…sort of) there were all kinds of crazy ideas floating around. Moral decay ideas. But even though some small percentage of people participated in this decay, EVERYBODY, including the participants agreed that it was wrong.

Today, nothing is wrong. I’m OK, you’re OK, everything is OK.

And to make things much much worse, this decay now spreads through the world at the speed of the internet, whereas damage to society was previously much more limited.

The ACLU, acting on behalf of “get God out of our schools, institutions, etc” is I believe at least partly to blame for this decline.

  1. If you are sincere about the possibility of leaving atheism, I recommend (again? I don’t remember) these 2 books. Both available at

a) 50 Questions on the Natural Law, by Dr. Charles Rice

b) The Science before Science, by Dr. Rizzi. (If you only read one, read this one).

These are not “It’s right because the bible said so” but rather start at the ground up with what is reality, and how do we know it’s real. Following logic and philosophy to the understanding that there must be a first cause, and a first mover, and that this is what we call God. This is not hand waving, it is logic and common sense.

These are fascinating books, and even if you don’t agree with them, it’s great reading. You and Mirdath would have a ball discussing them :slight_smile: Plus, think of the fun you could have returning to the forum and knowing these inside out :hmmm:

PS - in a previous reply to one of your posts, I mentioned something about your soul not being at peace…to which you took great exception. I was actually referring to a very famous quote by St. Augustine that your soul never finds peace until it rests in God. I wasn’t picking on you personally, it’s just a quote that seemed appropriate at the time :slight_smile:

As an atheist, I find militant atheists to be the single most obnoxious thing about our ‘group’.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that they don’t speak for all atheists. The same way atheists like myself don’t assume whackos
like the late Jerry Falwell speak for all Christians.

But I couldn’t ignore

Erm…not strictly atheists, my friend.

I’m an atheist, I associate with atheists, I involve myself in that community and I have yet to meet a militant atheist. I mean, I prolly know at least 100 atheists through my various connections and not one of them could be considered militant. I’m sure they’re out there somewhere but I don’t possibly see how they could be the root of americas problems like you seem to imply when they appear to be few and far between.

I agree that the ones that are around are a problem, they make all of us look bad. But I also feel that fundamentalist religious folks that essentially do the same thing (except in reverse of course) are a huge problem as well.

Yes, the secular culture has gradually allowed its mass communication outlets like movies, TV programs, books, magazines and newspapers to promote a clearly anti-God message. Catholics in the 1960s had the direct or implied support of all levels of society. It was not illegal to have a Nativity scene in front of the local City Hall, we pledged allegiance to “one nation under God,” Christmas decorations and religious music were everywhere. The government of the United States constantly spoke of our Judeo-Christian heritage as a country.

But like a frog placed in a pot of cool water, Catholics in the late 1960s till today, gradually began to tolerate an increase in the temperature, until now, we are at risk of falling into the fire and burning alive in the secular world spiritually. Let’s check out the time line:

Late 1960s: Hippies want free love (sex with anyone), taking illegal drugs is cool, underground newspapers and comic books (comix) promoting anarchy, perverted sex and violence against the pigs (police).

Late 1970s: Gloria Steinem is demanding that women hate men, get rid of the men in their lives and think of themselves as victims. Adult Bookstores proliferate across the country

1980s: Dallas, and Sue Ellen driving while drinking booze straight out of the bottle. Porn in hotels and motels on cable. No-Fault Divorce completes its sweep across the country. Ads from lawyers in Midwest newspapers read: “No kids, $75.00 and you’re out.”

1990s: Adult Language and Partial Nudity on TV, explicit sex on the internet. The ACLU wakes up one day and decides all kinds of things are illegal.

2000s: The pot of water we are sitting in is boiling but Christians are divorcing and aborting and contracepting like non-Christians.

Those who are anti-God have decided to call Christianity the American Taliban. Our God never told us to harm anyone. They know that.

The founder of the ACLU was a communist and stated that the goal of the organization is Communism. If you go to, you will read that Separation of Church and State is one goal, educating children so as to wipe out any religious and other superstitious beliefs passed on by their parents another. And this was written in the 1920s. Now, anti-religious groups in the United States are taking the place of the Communist State in producing anti-religious propaganda, but there’s more. The American Media is getting into the act also, supporting a lot of these groups and individuals.

All of the “liberation movements” helped separate families from each other and separate Christian individuals from living their lives as God intended. This is where we are my brothers and sisters. Each one of us has to stop, examine ourselves and rededicate our lives to a life that did exist in this country at one time.

My neighborhood had people from different countries and different faiths but there was a sense of mutual respect among most of us. The few bad apples were not harmed or harassed. Us kids were simply told to not bother them and/or stay away from them. We addressed adults as Mister or Misses, we said please and thank you, our neighbors looked out for each other and we kept and did the things that our Church told us to do. Easter was a special day and so was our observance of it. Even as a kid, I saw husbands and wives sitting on their front porches talking to each other. Among the parents I knew, there was a sense of contentment. And contentment did not mean life was perfect but it meant that they did the best they could with what they had. This may have continued were it not for the self-proclaimed “revolutionaries” and troublemakers who sowed distrust and suspicion and encouraged others to take illegal drugs and not only ruin their own lives but entire families. Young men and women forgot how to really get to know each other and what it really meant to love another person.

The time to change is now brothers and sisters.

God bless,

Wow Ed, your post reeks of propganda thats as bad as the accusations you make. Yes, things used to be different and yes many things have changed for the worse but blaming secularism for it is way off base.

The hippies became what they were because they were sick of being supressed by the corrupt government and the overly religious right. Its human nature to protest such oppression. Gloria Steinham…a femanist who wanted women to step up and for men to quit being so sexist. Feminists in general annoy me because they often have the attitude “you’re either with us or against us” but again, human nature to fight senseless oppression.

I’ll agree with you on the 1990’s…the sex on TV and internet is sickening and generally stupid but I don’t think secularism is entirely to blame. Back before Christianity took hold there was the equivelent of such things…just look at ancient Rome, Greece and the Kama Sutra. The examples are almost endless…it leads me to again contribute some of it to human nature. Its all the violence involved that really worries me.

Really, I think instead of laying blame we all ought to look for ways to fix some of the problems :thumbsup:

Propaganda? :hmmm:

Anyway, the militant atheists which seem to get the most press are Dawkins & Harris. Despite Rosie O’Donnells comment about Christians being even more of a threat than Muslim jihadists, these guys are way out there. And the press loves them. It is PC these days to love these guys and hate Christianity, especially Catholicism.

You don’t think that statement is just a teensy, tiny, little bit dramatic?

No. Do you ever watch the news?

Yes, propaganda. I quote from Webster’s dictionary “ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause”

If his secularism hating rant isn’t propaganda (ie trying to purposly spread allegations/ideas against the secular community in order to further his agenda) I don’t know what is.

It’s politically correct to hate Christianity. Hmm.

Every Democratic presidential candidate is Christian.

Every Republican presidential candidate is Christian.

Nearly every Senator and Congressman is religious.

Religious conservatives get their very own ‘news’ channel Fox News.

So don’t act like being religious puts you at ANY kind of disadvantage.

I’d love some examples of how Christianity gets walked on. Unless you’re the type of person who believes that there’s a ‘War on Christmas’. If you are, don’t bother.

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