Military Bibles

Thoughts on this article, written by a Protestant:

The military blasphemy that occurs in churches on not just on the Sunday closest to the Fourth of July, Army Day, Flag Day, Marine Corps Day, Memorial Day, Navy Day, Veterans Day, Air Force Day, Armed Forces Day, Coast Guard Day, and Patriots Day, but also on special “military appreciation” days that some churches designate, is enough to make one cry, shake one’s head in disgust, or vomit.

But there is another kind of military blasphemy that occurs, not just on these days, but every day of the year, in and out of church.

I am speaking of the blasphemy of military Bibles.


I suppose that to someone who has made an idol of the Bible it would seem blasphemous. But the protestant Christian bookstores are packed with “Life Application Study Bibles”, women’s study bibles “packed with stories of Biblical womanhood” and so on. Lew Rockwell complains that the “military Bibles” are full of military propaganda - and then there’s this little blurb at the end of his article:

But instead of supplementing the text of the Bible with military propaganda, supplement it with the truth about the military like appears in my books War, Christianity, and the State and War, Empire, and the Military.

The linked article is revolting. I’m surprised he doesn’t call for the abolition of military chaplains - or maybe he does in one of the books he’s peddling. At a time when social and “politically correct” forces are trying to strip Christian religious influence out of the military environment, i find no problem providing such materials to our military within the covers of a Bible. Of note, his article also shows him to be the author of something called “The War on Drugs Is a War on Freedom.” Calls President G.W. Bush a “war criminal,” too. Enough said.

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