Military Cuggles

This article was posted ona thread I was running, to do with Yoga, which I’ve now resigned from:

It is very revealing.

I just wonder whether the military doing all this Yoga might be the reason why they don’t bother helping out the defenceless against evil perpertrators and instead do the jobs that aid organisations carry out. If the average soldier in the military is being taught Yoga then it must be the case that the commanders, the U.S governement even, are also doing Yoga.

Maybe the military doing Yoga…

  1. Makes them too flowery in a selfish preoccupied way to actually be soldiers and go and do what soliders are meant to go and do?

  2. Because the root of Yoga is not Christian, does Yoga philosophy somehow mute outward compassion in the form of courageous service and protection of the innocent, into an aggressively self-protective, self-loving, irregular disposition?

  3. Because the U.S has done very little so far in helping in the Middle East, could it be the case that the practice of a non-Christian cult worship, actually turns the military against Christian causes?

I know this sounds far-fetched, so maybe someone can help to calm thoughts (without Yoga)?!

Calm yourself by reflecting on the point that the US military is an instrument of national policy, and is utilized at the direction of competent national authority. It is not a self-initiating instrument. Why you would assume that the government, in the sense of those who can exercise that authority, would be doing yoga, escapes me.

GKC, USAF, ret.

I’m no fan of Westerners taking up yoga, but come on now. You’ve done nothing to actually flesh out your premises that the practice of yoga leads to military complacency. Nothing! All you have here is a classic post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy coupled with your personal ignorance of yoga. Even if we assume that the majority of yoga practitioners in the US military are doing so within a religious and not just leisurely context, the religious practice of yoga doesn’t demand that soldiers quit being soldiers. ** In fact the complete opposite is true!**. The most extensive treatment of yoga in the Hindu scriptures occurs in the Bhagavad Gita, which is essentially a dialogue between Krishna and the soldier Arjuna. While Arjuna grows reluctant to fight his fellow kinsmen, Krishna reminds him of his duty as a soldier to protect the land and its residents under his charge even if doing so causes him a great deal of interior turmoil.

Well, if it is being taught lower down the ranks, surely this practice must have been investigated higher up? Considering that Yoga is a huge industry, it doesn’t escape the realms of possibility, that Yoga has been incorporated (pun intended), and if, as the link shows, it has been introduced into the military, then someone, or some people, must have introduced it?!

The nature of your story seems to go against the rising tide of proof in the world today.

This story is man-made, concocted fiction, and therefore, not something the most powerful military machine in the world should be basing anything upon and using in training because Yoga is tied to non-Christian philosophy.

No. Someone introduced it, as an exercise program, similar to the old 5BX program that was in effect in my day. Not as an insidious mind control program to subvert our military and pollute their precious bodily fluids, as per Gen Jack D. Ripper.

If the thought of yoga scares you, you’re thinking way too low on the tin hat scale. Try David Icke.

You sure know a lot about the military - a veritable font of knowledge! How many years did you serve to gain your expertise?

Per my two cents,

Backaches, footaches, stretching definitely helps those for me whether one wants to do it by themselves or through other means would be the question.

Balance too, is similar in this regard.

Goodness, haven’t heard of Icke in ages. I guess he hasn’t made any new and startling discoveries?

Nothing would surprise me.

Nope. Same old reptiles, I’m afraid.

I understand your sensible outlook. But as with most things, when introduced, can become something else once indulged in. Maybe the idea of Yoga being introduced to spiritually castrate their soldiers via a hyper-introverted mind-state, is a bit OTT; my concern, however, is that to take something essentially rooted in very primitive theory could turn into something monstrously malignant. I would be happier if I knew that the U.S military had undergone a recollection, to re-ignite Christian fervour and ethics, via prayer, into their weekly training routine, maybe with use of solid Christian meditation!).

The one great thing about media is it allows for transparency. :wink: And because we are all natives to the earth we have a right to know what is going on with those who claim power over us. For our own good and the good of others. And believe it or not, we also have a right to assess, for the same reason!

Nope, they still use potassium nitrate for that purpose. Or so the rumor goes.

Whose Christian meditation might you suggest?

Oh dear oh dear.David Icke a swivel eyed loon,yoga aids people in general overall health especially with back or joint problems. If you wish to be completely safe remove all George Harrison from your collections

I have no George Harrison in my collection. Not that you were looking at me, I know, but I grew up in the Beatles era and have no use for them.

What? Can this be true? (yep, of course it can.) No use for Les Beatles? Boggling commences. Liverpool pauses in mid-rave, no doubt.

Twas ever thus. I didn’t trust them.

My musical tastes ran to mainline classical, military bands, with no more than a 132 cadence, and classical military marches, bagpipes, and some easy listening. I developed a retro fondness for old 50s and 60s American rock and roll, later in life. Nostaligia.

I did listen to Hey, Jude, but it was my honeymoon and I was off my guard.

Couldnt agree more

There’s two of us?!?

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