Military/Political Crisis in The Gambia


The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa. It is overwhelmingly Muslim - in the cities you will hear calls to Muslim prayer over loudspeaker throughout the day. But there is a Roman Catholic cathedral in the capital, Banjul.

In December the incumbent President lost the election but refused to step down, claiming voting irregularities. He appealed to the supreme court and parliament granted him a 3 month extension of his term, but neighboring West African states have insisted that the newly elected president be inaugurated today. As of now, a coalition of neighboring states have sent armed forces into The Gambia, and it appears The Gambia’s military is not resisting.

Please pray for a peaceful transition of power, with no violence or bloodshed of any kind, and that the new president will govern with wisdom and justice. And pray that the few Catholics in The Gambia will be effective witnesses of the grace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.


As well as praying for the Catholic minority, praying for a peaceful end to this crisis and for the future of Gambia.and it’s people.


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