Military son threatening to harm self-need prayers!


My 20 year old son has been having a great deal of difficulty adjusting to the life he chose in the military. He called me up tonight and told me he is having ‘crazy thoughts’ in his head about suicide. I have had a few people talk to him and I will contact the military chaplain tomorrow, in the meantime I plead, beg, entreat that all of you pray for him and his mental and spiritual health. PLEASE!


At that age, many young people under stress have these feelings. I did. With maturity, things will straighten out for him. Don’t worry, I bet he’ll be ok…Tell him that for me…roanoker


Please give a first name and I will pray for him in my daily prayers!
Or a nickname. I pray for the military everywhere. Also they do have parachute rosaries for people in the services it might be a comfort



Will be praying for your son.


His name is Matthew.


Thank You Prayers to Matthew Hugs to you and I will pray everyday
for him.


Jesus, Matthew is having a hrd time adjusting to a challenging life. It may not be and may not feel as he expected so he may feel very trapped. Please give this young man the wholesome skills and strategies to be able to adapt and to be his best self as he grows with this experience. Please give him watchful and wise guidance so that he is able to move past negative and self destructive feelings and thoughts. Have compassion on him, jesus, and upon all who feel as he does.

Please give his mother and family peace of mind about him, knowing that You are helping him and ensuring that others are aware of his needs. Have compassion on the helplessness and anxiety a parent feels and give reassurance to family and safety to the son.


I will most certainly pray for him.


Stress can induce adrenal exhaustion, or adrenal collapse. The adrenals are depleted with stimulants, like nicotine, caffeine, and sugars; and external stressors like loud noises. Adrenal collapse can be self-diagnosed by taking DHEA, an over-the-counter adrenal hormone. If the anxiety is gone in 20 minutes, the cause was adrenal collapse. Take DHEA only as needed to keep the adrenals attempting to produce their own DHEA, please. Feed the adrenals with good fats from meats and fish; and oils from raw, not fried, vegetables; and good salts like sea salt and kelp to get trace minerals. Adrenal collapse is seen often in the military, especially as shell shock. May the Most Holy Trinity lavish the peace of Jesus Christ on us all, and especially on those who have offered their lives for our safety and well-being. AMEN




PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call the Chaplin or his CO ASAP. My DH’s coworker just committed suicide, it is SOOOO sad all the signs that he gave out and no one took him seriously or reach out to/for him. My DH is one of them, and the guilt that my DH has been going through is horrendous.

At that age, many young people under stress have these feelings. I did. With maturity, things will straighten out for him. Don’t worry, I bet he’ll be ok…Tell him that for me…roanoker

I am sorry but I believe that is HORRIBLE advice to give considering what was in the OP :mad:

I am praying for your son and I PRAY that you have the strength to call the Chaplin or his CO ASAP!!! :gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2:


Has he been on any deployments yet? If so, he should have been screened but it doesn’t always catch everyone. In any case it doesn’t matter, the Army especially is focusing on suicide prevention like never before.

I would advise him to call the chaplains office or there should be the anonymous therapists that volunteer their time. The Army started using them since no matter what anyone says there is still a stigma about seeing a psychologist, so many soldiers won’t go through their chain of command. If you want to PM me where he is at I can get the names and numbers for you.


agree with armywife


I will be praying for Matthew. I lost my son to suicide two weeks after his father’s sudden death, and it devastated our already sorrowful family.


Praying for Matthew


praying, praying, praying!


Pray always, but do not assume that it is only stress. It is possible that he may be having a negative reaction to medication, accidental exposure to something toxic, or an untreated head injury! Suicide can have plenty of physical contributors. Don’t stop with his Chaplin. He most likely will not want you to, but you must inform his commander as well. It may end his career if he really is that bad, but even if he can’t be a soldier anymore, he will always be your son.


Prayers to you and your son!!!


Eight years ago I was making the same phone call to a military chaplain who moved quickly to meet with my daughter in boot camp. Daughter was not pleased with me. But I will never know if the chaplain’s words, the commander’s awareness, or just her knowing Mom cared enough to move quickly and decisively when I thought she may have been in trouble stopped her from doing anything . . . but the crisis passed and I praise God for it, especially as I ready your post.

St. Michael the Archangel, you who daily protect our men and women in the armed service, please send a legion of your angels to the aid of Matthew at this difficult and confused time. Let him know God’s love and divine protection, the love of his family and friends, and the concern of all of us who have learned of his time of trial. Amen.


Sorry - I have not read everyone’s responses, but I wanted to please ask you to have him talk with his Chaplain. My husband is in the Army in Iraq and has seen too much not to take everything very seriously. The Chaplain will have the resources. Is your son Stateside? He can call or and find some resources there as well. They are supposed to keep things confidential, so if there is embarrassment or anything, he will be able to get some confidential assistance.

I will be keeping your son and your family in my prayers.

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