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Is anyone familiar with the Militia Immaculata? I recently learned of this association after it was mentioned by a CAF member. I’ve read about it here and here . I feel drawn to its mission; but I am still discerning if this path is what God wants for me. My wife is also prayerfully considering it. We have both started carrying miraculous medals and praying the MI’s version of its prayer.

What is your experience as a knight of the Immaculata? How has this consecration impacted your life? Do you have words of wisdom for one who is discerning this path? I am interested in any insight or thoughts you may have on the subject. Also, I’m interested in hearing from those who have considered consecration to Mary in the MI, but determined it was not their path.


Although I have been a Lay Carmelite since 1975, the prayer I say first every morning is one that was inspired by St. Maximilian Kolbe. I had always known him as the priest who gave his life to save a father and husband in the Nazi camp.

About two years ago I read the book by Patricia Treece about his life and was very inspired by it. He definitely adds another dimension to our understanding of our Blessed Mother. I learned much more about him from that book. Then I became acquainted with the book “33 Days to Morning Glory”, and along with other saints, St. Maximilian’s insights on Our Lady was shared.

There are many ways to consecrate ourselves to Our Blessed Mother. For me it started with St. Louis Marie de Montfort’s “True Devotion to Mary”. Over the years I have re-consecrated myself many times according to the way St. Louis presented it. “33 Days to Morning Glory” enhances what is in St. Louis’ consecration. That is an excellent book also.

Our Blessed Mother truly “magnifies the Lord”.

As I see it, with regard to consecration to Our Lady, we are all in the same parade with different uniforms!:slight_smile:

Go where the Holy Spirit leads you!

Peace in Jesus and Mary,


Thank you, Dorothy. I appreciate the insight. I look forward to reading the books you’ve recommended. I think I may start with 33 Day to Morning Glory. I’ve listen to a talk by Fr. Gaitley before and really enjoyed it.

God Bless

Thank you for responding. You and your wife have a blessed and Happy New Year!

Hello there, I’m a member of the Militia of Immaculata and pray daily. I hope you become a member!

The Militia Immaculata is great I am sure! I have a book about St. Maximilian Kolbe and it is so inspiring.

My husband and I are contemplating this as well. His spiritual director is a knight and a very saintly person, whose patron saint is St. Maximilian Kolbe.

I’m not a member. But I thought about it. I was choosing between the Association of Mary and the Millitia and I chose the Association because what I’d been given was St. Louis’s teachings. True Devotion to Mary is a lifeline for me, so I chose the Association. But I also have a book with many quotations from St. Max, and it is really helpful also, and I think of myself as being in communion with the Millitia… The devotions are basically the same: complete covenant with Mary as our Mother. Complete dependence on her and commitment to her. Be sure you join the real Millitia, centered in Marytown. There is a false one run by the Society of Pius X or something like that.

Will pray for your discernment of whatever Mary and Christ will for you!

Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you…
This is an actual picture of the Madonna before whom Maximilian was praying when he received the vision of the two crowns.

A dream come true.

Graces to seek first the Kingdom of God and sanctity.

Understand this English translation of the General Statutes of the MI, approved by the Pontifical Council for the Laity:

Is Marian Consecration for everybody?
If your soul is called to Jesus through Mary, open wide the door of heart.

And how will meeting her in Paradise be?… My dear brothers, in the moments of harsh fights with the three-fold enemy—the body, Satan, and the world—remember the serene joy of your religious investiture and… the happiness that you will enjoy in the moment of death. In the religious life do not pay attention to bad examples, bearing in mind that even among the Apostles there was Judas, who abused a grace as sublime as the vocation, but imitate the best. Every day, each of you should try to give the maximum pleasure possible to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculata, because each moment of life slips away with no possibility of return and the time of trial on this earth is very short.
~Saint Maximilian
The Writings of St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe Volumes I and II, 2016 - Nerbini International

MI Catechism

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