Militia members arrested in Sun. raid to be charged today

From the Detroit News
[INDENT]Federal prosecutors plan to unseal charges today against members of a self-described Christian militia arrested Saturday and Sunday in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.
At least seven people were taken into custody in raids by an FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force as part of an investigation into an Adrian-based unit of the Hutaree, a group that professes it is training in modern armed combat techniques for a prophesized coming battle with the Antichrist.[/INDENT]

Interesting that this group is so radical that the Michigan Militia wants nothing to do with them (you can see that further down in the article at the link).

Of course, this will be accompanied in some circles within the media by a call for the arrest of all right wingers and a complete ban on firearms.

I wonder what the charges will be…

self-interpretation of scripture w/o a license?
if they were really intent on a literal interpretation of scripture they would be stockpiling swords as Jesus warned, not modern weapons

I couldn’t find the article just now, but I thought this militia’s site also talked about the Jews being devils or something along those lines. I’m not entirely sure how “Christian” they were, but may have just used that kind of language.


What I find more interesting is how it’s reported, “Christian Militia planning to attack Muslims” yet when a Muslim terrorist is arrested, it is rarely stated in the media that they are Muslim.

That’s not even remotely true, actually.

Really? Now, I heard about this first on the local radio stations. The “underwear bomber”, the Army psychologist, etc. were never, with first reports, reported as Muslim. Yes, later as the story developed the fact they were Muslim was announced. But I’m talking about the initial reporting.

The bulk of the news stories, which identify a target, are running the headline that the Christian terrorists were planning attacks on police officers.

I’m not seeing headlines that Christian terrorists were plotting to kill Muslims.

I’m not sure that is true. Could you offer some examples of when Muslim terrorists are not identified as Muslim?


If the motivation of the terrorist is religious then the religion of the terrorist is important. Once the motivations of the two terrorists you mentioned was known, the media reported on it.

Dale, that’s why I said “initial” reports. This morning at 6am it was reported that they were Christians planning to attack Muslims (which I heard on two local radio stations during my commute). Yes, eventually news agencies get things right, it’s the initial reporting I’m addressing.

I have to disagreee. I live in Texas and it was reported that he was a Muslim and was wearing Muslim garb right off the bat. I think the press goes out of their way to mention any sort of affliation with Muslims. I’m not saying its wrong or right but it is certainly used by many to demonize All Muslims. I personally do not believe that all Muslims support terrorism as a legitmate form of action.

The reports are just coming out. It seems that they may have been planning to murder police officers and may have been either working with or trying to work with weapons of mass destruction. IMHO, the definition of WMD has been expanding. So, I’m not sure what type of WMD they were planning to use. The early reports are sketchy at best, but it didn’t sound like chemical or biological. Maybe just large explosives, but i’m not sure. As far as being a “Christian” group, I think they were waiting for the apocolypse and got impatient. Most of those arrested were arrested at a wake for one of their members. I’m guessing, but I’ll bet that law enforcement was worried that the death of one of their members for some reason could set them off. Anyway, it’s an interesting story and like the poster said it’s pretty bad when the Michighan Militia thinks you’ve jumped the shark.

On a similar topic, did anyone notice that the AZ minutemen dissolved because the organizer of some rally told people to come locked and loaded and they obeyed? I don’t know the exact quote but isn’t it true that when you sew hatred you reap the whirlwind?

You might have something there. I was living in Colorado last year and I noticed some differences in reporting. The ballon boy story was a good example.

Down here in S.C. when a Muslim steps a toe out of line for, well anything it is Muslim terrorist! In our news for weeks.

"(CNN) – “Captain Hutaree,” his wife and two sons planned with other militia members to kill a law enforcement official to draw the officer’s colleagues to the funeral, authorities say. Then, according to an indictment unsealed Monday, the militia planned to attack the funeral procession to kick off its war against the U.S. government.

Members of the Hutaree militia – whose Web site says it is preparing for end times to “keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive” – have been indicted on five counts, including seditious conspiracy and attempting to use weapons of mass destruction.

Federal authorities allege militia members had declared war against law enforcement and “foot soldiers” of the federal government. They had conducted “military-style training” in Lenawee County, Michigan, about 35 miles northwest of Toledo, Ohio, since 2008, the indictment said."

What cowards…
First they were going to kill a police officer, a person sworn to protect the public, and then they were going to ambush a group of mourners at his funeral…

If this doesn’t fit the definition of terrorism, I don’t know what does-

What makes me angry is that where do they find the verses to justify what theya re doing? where do they get off calling themselves Christians? People of Christ? They are the fartherest thing from it. Even someone that took everything in the bible at literal value knew that judgement should only be left up to god. Under the new covenant we are suppose to love. If anything these “Christian” terrorist should be described as extremely radical jews. I mean half these guys only follow specific verses from the old testement. This makes every REAL Christian look, and the secular world will have a hay day with this one.

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