Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters


Presidential candidates who strongly support Cliven Bundy.
1.Rand Paul
2.Ted Cruz
3.Ben Carson

                                                  Candidates who broadly support Cliven Bundy

                                                   !.Donald Trump
                                                   2.Mike Huckabee

                                                   Candidates who oppose Cliven Bundy.

                                                   1.Jeb Bush
                                                   2.Marco Rubio



They did occupy buildings.
They did employ violent rhetoric.

Absolutely Comparable.

I actually would sympathize with OWS too if they understood matters enough to know who was facilitating Wall St’s theft. The Feds, same enemy as this groups.


They didn’t tell people to bring guns.


What would RW’s be complaining about?
They didn’t shoot or behead anyone, which is the objectionable behavior I’ve noticed in some Muslims.


And neither have the refugees Trump wants deported.
Double standard.
Using the terminology the right wing has adopted, they are domestic terrorists.
They are armed, they are ready to ‘lay down their lives’, as one Militia member stated.


The illegal immigrants are here ILLEGALLY, they are not citizens.
They belong in their home country when their visa expires (if they ever had one)
There is nothing immoral about enforcing the rule of law.

If you think Mexico is an illegitimate Govt, then you should campaign for Obama to overthrow them and we can impose our Govt on them. Having a one way border is not the answer though.


I’ve looked at this area on Wikimapia and Google Maps, and if any government agency starts telling us that the Bundy’s and there supporters are endangering lives, there credibility really needs to be challenged, because no one lives anywhere near the site.


True, but how many ‘sheep’ out there will fall for this trick and believe every word coming from the media…sadly, Id say quite a few.


That is a good point, but I think we can be sure of one thing, the Govt will definitely not admit to being anything close to tyrannical, even though many in Govt claim to uphold and defend the Constitution, not many would admit, its time to call up the militias.

Thankfully, that is not their decision to make (naturally)…that decision falls solely on the people.


What I’m interested in seeing is how all American people become united as one against the so called tyrannical government. In an environment where the government members are Americans and Presidents have to have even been born in America… they are elected by a democratic vote from among the very same ‘American people’. How will it happen that a situation arises where all the people stand against the government and its army? Does no one in the US think this is a nuts concept to depend on? All the people ie all the ones who vote left plus all the ones who vote right plus all the donkey voters and all those who refrain on the day of voting… All those people come together over an issue like this one say… the guys who want to burn stuff when they like. This has been earmarked a militia issue. Bear in mind that militias who aren’t united in their defense of the constitution, but have differing opinions on different stuff like happens in every democracy… they can’t really be a militia in the sense of the constitution. They are just lots of militia with different opinions about who the baddies are and they have guns to deal with that via their constitutional rights.

Call me nuts. Call me a donkey. Call me anti American… but isn’t that just general civil war like any war torn third world country clinging to primitive values???


What are you talking about? Nobody mentioned illegal immigrants. This thread is about the standoff in Oregon. My point was if these were Muslims, the right-wing would be demanding a military solution.
I have no clue what you are talking about.


This whole thing started because the brothers were convicted in a jury trial of arson. The specific statute has a mandatory minimum of 5 years, but the judge ignored that minimum. On appeal from the DOJ the court ordered that they finish off the remainder of the mandatory minimum.

Now I’m all for getting rid of mandatory minimums, because they remove judicial discretion and leniency from a judge’s toolbox. But aren’t conservatives like the Bundys typically in favor of mandatory minimums? Even if they aren’t, the party they tend to support definitely is. This seems like maybe these terrorists want a different set of rules to apply to them.


The actual offenders have stated that they will surrender to authorities today to finish their sentence. The Bundys are overkill in my opinion. They want to start a revolution.


I’m sorry but are you people on crack?

They stormed a government building, broke in and occupied it, claimed if anyone tried to remove them from the property they BROKE IN TO there would be violence… Because two people got arrested for setting land they DID NOT OWN on fire? And they are saying the government buying land from people is tyranny?

What planet are you living on. If I leased my land out and the person using it set it on fire I would want them arrested.the gov bought those lands legally they shouldn’t be allowed to break into a building and squat on it. These people are terrorists thy are using implicit threats of violence to get what they want. If they were Muslims trump would be freaking. Tellme with a straight face I am wrong


Turn off the heat, cut power, they are acting like rebels without a clue…

Nothing they are complaining about is tyrannical in any way.

Press is just filling in the slow news winter weeks.


lol, they aren’t morons (like Occupy Wallstreet crowd)
They brought generators


Let’s see how long they last playing ‘Grizzly Adams’.


The sound of the crickets chirping is deafening isn’t it?


They also brought guns and said they will use them if they feel it’s necessary (unlike the Occupy Wallstreet crowd).


Which is why they are being treated so cautiously by LE officials (unlike the Occupy Wallstreat crowd). No reason to put lives in danger and potentially engage in a deadly standoff when you can just let the Bubbas get bored and leave on their own. It does set a strange precedent though when unarmed protestesters are treated more aggressively than armed ones.

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