Milky Way being pushed through space by cosmic dead zone, say scientists


The Milky Way is being “pushed” through space by a cosmic dead zone that lurks half a billion light years from Earth, researchers claim.

Located on the far side of the constellation of Lacerta, the Lizard, the vast patch of nothingness appears to have a striking dearth of galaxies compared to the rest of its cosmic neighborhood.

The paucity of stars, planets and other matter in the region may explain as much as half of the force that propels our home galaxy through the heavens at a speed of two million kilometres per hour.


That’s fascinating. Thanks for sharing. We truly live in a very diverse universe with many components to it. :slight_smile:


That’s interesting. Funny, though, to phrase it in a way that sounds like a region of “nothingness” is literally pushing the Milky Way.


It’s not nothing – it’s lizards all the way down.




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