Milky Way — the galaxy — not snack-sized anymore

WASHINGTON – Take that, Andromeda! For decades, astronomers thought when it came to the major galaxies in Earth’s cosmic neighborhood, our Milky Way was a weak sister to the larger Andromeda. Not anymore. The Milky Way is considerably larger, bulkier and spinning faster than astronomers once thought, Andromeda’s equal.

Previously we thought Andromeda was dominant, and that we were the little sister of Andromeda," Reid said. "But now it’s more like we’re fraternal twins."
That’s not necessarily good news. A bigger Milky Way means that it could be crashing violently into the neighboring Andromeda galaxy sooner than predicted — though still billions of years from now.
(:rotfl: :rotfl: )

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You have TOO MUCH time on your hands :hypno:

too much time!?!

but i thought the galaxies will be colliding sooner than expected :eek:

i just can’t accomplish it all in a billion or so years…

I mean the :whacky: article. :shrug:

The earth would be burned up by the sun in about 500-1000 million more years. Maybe the “trans/posthumans” figured out a way to escape the planet by then.

:shrug: i guess not as much as some.

Is there something wrong with the people who obsess over natural or supernatural end of world scenarios?

yes and no???


is there something wrong with people who obsess over celebrities, tv shows, sports events, etc., etc…

Obsessing over celebrities, sports events, etc. may indicate a disordered desire toward the perceived perfection with in those objects. While the excess may cross the line the orientation toward perfection is good.

Obsessing over apocalypse, seems to me, morbid and inherently disordered.

A Billion Years!!!:eek: I better get my affairs in order.:rolleyes:

Yes. :coffee: <-- (not JUST coffee)


Yes. :coffee: <-- (still not JUST coffee)


It might not be snack-sized, but our Milky Way is still peanuts and caramel covered in rich chocolate. :smiley:

What does it mean when you’re obsessed by Celebrity Apocalypse’s?

…such as December 21, 2012?


:coffee: <-- (this one IS just coffee)


'Though, the moon DOES look like nougat!

It’s a huge “Three Moonskateers Bar”.


but i don’t like coffee :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

when did the cheese become nougat???

I don’t know… Are they sure our galaxy isn’t getting bigger because of global warming??? :hmmm:

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