Million Dollar Dud


“Million Dollar Baby” is nothing more than a Catholic-bashing movie. If you would like to see the movie before giving your opinion I advise you stop reading this post until later. I, as a practicing Catholic who attends mass daily was very offended when the “wimpy” priest character told the Clint Eastwood character that people who attend daily mass are usually people with unresolved guilt. He then said he noticed that the Clint character had been attending mass daily for the last 26 years. Clint never understood the teachings of the church and when he asked the priest for explanations the “very wimpy” priest acted as if he didn’t know the answers either. The movie made it look like Clint was foolishly wasting his time going to church because he ended up committing a terrible sin at the end. The message I walked away with after seeing this PG-13 movie was…priests are stupid and wimpy, mercy killing is heroic and and daily mass is a waste of time. This movie is up for an academy award and “The Passion of the Christ” is not. God forgive them for this terrible lack of judgement in choosing nominations.


I keep hearing the hype advertising on the radio and I think to myself:
"Many people are headed to a spiritual slaughter. Many people will praise it for bashing us and we will be looked at as 'extremeists.

Just more proof to boycott Hollywood entirely! No exceptions!


I thought “Mystic River” (Clint Eastwood’s last) was a well done movie. But I can’t help but be annoyed by the trailer for “Million Dollar Baby”. The priest in the trailer implies that the only people who attend daily mass are people who “can’t forgive themselves for something.” What the heck does that mean, anyway?

Also, I don’t want to spoil this for anyone, but I have heard that the movie advocates euthanasia in a big way.


I wish I had seen the trailer before I wasted my money on this blasphemous movie. “Mystic River” actually had a moral message to it. I saw the message as…don’t be too quick to accuse. “Mystic River” could be compared to a Shakspearean tradgedy. “Million Dollar Baby” had no message other than “Stupid Catholics who blindly attend daily mass are no more moral than common criminals.” On the scale of 1 to 5, I would give “Mystic River” a 5 and “Million Dollar Baby” a -1.


I wish I had seen the trailer before I wasted my money. I also wish a Catholic reviewer had warned me how anti-Catholic this movie was. “Mystic River” was an excellent tradgedy with a moral message. I did not feel I wasted my money on that movie. The only message I received from “Million Dollar Baby” was…stupid Catholics who attend daily mass don’t receive any extra graces. Mercy killing is perfectly okay…in fact a heroic act. Wimpy priests don’t understand what the church teachings are so why take their advice.


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Want to win an academy award?
Make a catholic bashing movie and you your hollywood peers will aplaud it as deep and mercy killing is the answer like abortion to solve our problems.

How to not win an academy award make an orthodox catholic movie that makes over 600 million dollars worldwide.
The passion got overlooked in the best picture, best director and other major categories as the movie is just too err religious for hollywood to give it any credit.

As for Mystic River I think I saw a better version of that moive it was called MacBeth.


[quote=ally] “Stupid Catholics who blindly attend daily mass are no more moral than common criminals.”

Why is that so bizarre and offensive to you guys? Dosn’t the world already think this? My parents do and they are Catholic…


Its a lousy movie. And I’m not just saying that because Clint Eastwood is a conservative and Warner gives money to Bush!!!:smiley:

(its a joke, guys:rotfl: )


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