Millions of ukrainians were starved to death in the breadbasket of europe

At the same time the Soviet regime was dumping 1.7 million tons of grain on Western markets.

The famine was engineered by the Soviet regime.

It was an act of genocide designed to undermine the social basis of Ukrainian national resistance.

At the height of the Famine, Ukrainian villagers were dying at the rate of:
17 per minute,
1,000 per hour,
25,000 per day


Here is a short article about the Ukrainian starvation engineered by Stalin. It’s remarkable that after a record of such atrocities communism still finds adherents.

Stalin was a bigger monster than even Hitler, who murdered many more than Hitler did, and was in power for much longer as well.

People still are very willing to identify themselves as communist nevertheless.

Indeed, communism is the cancer of our time, and it awes me how they are succeeding in the western world, not explicitly being communist, but their idealistic views and revolutionary mind have poisoned most of our people to a point on which the false propaganda heavies more as fact than the truth itself.

It’s important for humankind to remember these heinous crimes.

I’ve already run into young people who have never heard of the “Soviet Union” or who think that is was just another country.

Let’s not forgot those millions killed by the Mao famines in China and the Germans intentionally starved after WW One.

Ahh yes. There’s this old saying about not learning from history and being doomed to repeat it.

The Genocide the World Forgot In Ukraine, until independence in 1991, it was considered a crime to mention, teach about, or to discuss the Ukrainian Genocide – Holodomor of 1932-1933. Only in the West was information forthcoming from refugees, who had escaped the Soviet Union during World War 11.
Consequently, the truth about the events of 1932-1933 started to become available to the citizens of Ukraine on the eve of the break up of the USSR. Fortunately, as archives are opened, there now exists excellent documentary records that Ukraine, “the breadbasket of Europe,” was indeed a target of genocide with starvation as a potent weapon of Soviet policy in a crippling blow to its largest minority group, the Ukrainian people.
This year marks the 75 th Anniversary of the Holodomor, the Ukrainian word for “death inflicted by starvation” from two words, “holod” - starvation/famine and “moryty” – to inflict death. Canada and numerous other countries have recognized the “Holodomor” as a genocide of the 20 th century, a genocide few people knew about. We need to remember these victims. They are just too many to forget.”

(this material is taken from the Valentina Kuryliw article.)

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