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Here we discuss how one can resolve the problem related to conservation of energy when mind cause a motion in body. Consider a person with mass m which is under natural force F and psychic force P. The center of mass of this person moves according to F+P=m.a where a is acceleration. We always move our body such that F=m.a which means that we need P=0 (or infinitesimal and with average 0) in order to move. This means that the energy is conserved in such a situation.


I think that, for such an equation to hold up, you’d have to be able to explain the existence of P in such a way that we’d be able to accept that it acts like “natural forces”, and, if you were able to accomplish that (and I’m not sure that you would be!), then you’d have to justify the equation itself!


What I am suggesting is that we are able to move our body with psychic force of zero as far as F=m.a holds. So we could move freely as far as our body allows.


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Please define “Psychic force”.


Could you please give a link to the thread?


Force originated from mind.


F=ma holds, where F = the vector sum of forces acting on the body. In your OP, if F = “natural force”, does that mean that P = “psychic force” = an “unnatural” force? a “non-natural” force? You need to define “psychic force” either as something that does act on physical bodies as “natural” forces act, or you have to find an equation corresponding to Newtons Law, that perhaps you could combine with Newton’s Law in such as way as to express the net force resulting from their combined action.

But if “psychic” force means the source of the muscular activity that actually does move one’s own physical body - that is one thing. But do you refer to an ability of a human mind and by force of will, to cause, by thought alone, an inanimate object like a rock or a mountain, to move? Jesus suggests this is possible if one has faith as of a small seed:

Mt 17:20 He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.”

This kind of force is certainly not “natural”, but is supernatural - as faith of this kind is, itself, supernatural. Any theories - with relevant equations - of this “supernatural mechanics” of bodies has not been shared with humanity yet.


I’m math illiterate… :sob:


The psychic force is the force originated from mind.

Yes. I mean about the ability of mind to exert force on thing. In this case we always adjust F=m.a so we can indeed move freely and need zero psychic force.


You have a penchant for making unsupported claims and then inviting other people to argue over them.

This is tiring. Proof or it isn’t possible!


I have seen objections based on the laws of thermodynamics and other such things. I don’t know if STT"s specific formulation is actually a good representation of those objections or not. Suffice it to say, it’s an objection to Cartesian conception of mind (res cogitans) and body (res extensa), which I don’t buy into to begin with.


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I’m with you. I also don’t think that the conservation of energy objection disproves the existence of the mind as a causal force.


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I don’t think you have a problem. If you refer to the moving of inanimate objects, as Jesus taught, the “psychic force” available is usually zero. The faith required to execute such force is almost non-existent, it is so rare. We are indeed, “men of little faith.” Smaller than the mustard seed…

If you refer to moving your own body around - that natural force is generated in the body chemically, and is directed by the soul. Freedom in the soul can be found in Jesus Christ - not in an equation, but in submission to His Spirit. He is Truth, no “theory” needed: just faith.


Unsupported claim?


I am arguing that there is no need to break the laws of thermodynamic if we move our body in specific way.


It does. The rest for sake of 10 characters.


There is no need to break the laws of thermodynamics or deny the mind with an Aristotlean-Thomist conception of the mind.

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