Mind/Thoughts or the Holy Spirt

I have a question. (I know I’m scrupulous, so this may be it.)

I had (maybe) a thought, but it may have also been the Holy Spirit.

I guess I just wanted to how I can tell MY mind and thoughts apart from the Holy Spirit, if he is talking to me, or asking me to do something.

If there is no answer for this question, I apologize for being a burden, and will try to delete this thread. If that’s not possible, I’ll just ignore it completely.

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Just ask Him if such-and-such was Him speaking to you or not. That’s the simplest answer I can give. Sometimes you just know that it was the Holy Spirit. It is possible for God to give His devotee certainty. When you commit a big sin, He always comes to you and asks you to repent. When that happens to me, it’s great assurance that God loves me. If He didn’t care about me, He would have left me alone while I grieved over my sin.

From what I learned in life, there are two things (among others) that God is constant with in His relationship with us:

  1. God knows us more than we know ourselves.
  2. God wants peace in us.

Therefore if there is something God wants for us to know outside of the usual means of Church teaching, conscience, and reason, then the message will be so tailored to our own personhood that there will be no doubt or ambiguity whatsoever to us that it came from Him.

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