Minimum Mass obligations

This is my understanding as well.

And I think people have gotten better about it. One of my memories from childhood is that there were certain people who came late to Mass every single weekend, and certain others who ditched out right after Communion.

To his credit, years ago I do remember a Priest specifically noting that the old rule no longer applied.

There was never a rule about this. If anyone can show me a Church document that stated you must be at Mass before a certain part of the Mass or you did not fulfill your obligation I am happy to stand corrected. This so-called rule was just hearsay. It didn’t exist.

As for present day, Canon Law also does not state you must attend the entire Mass to fulfill your obligation. It states you must participate in the Mass. It does not say the entire Mass.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe everyone should make every effort every Sunday to be at Church before the Mass starts and only leave when the Mass ends. I just get irritated when people tell others if you do not attend the entire Mass (whether own fault or not) then you have not fulfilled your obligation. That is wrong.

Our family doesn’t do that (we can generally find a free pew), but we are generally a good 5+ minutes late. One member of the family is often stuck in the bathroom right until the last minute.

So, I would charitably assume digestive issues.

This is not to disagree with you but I wonder if the accurate way to put it would be that it was never a rule of the Church but it was frequently taught as a rule by priests and nuns and generally accepted as a rule by those in the pews…like so many other things then.

The Offertory to Communion “rule” was the consensus opinion of theologians, not a rule. This was once called the “Sacrifice” and the Liturgy of the Word was known as the “Fore-Mass.”

I agree. Something doesn’t seem right when we hear (or infer) we’re allowed to skip hearing all the readings, which the Church went to all the trouble of putting together and translating for that one day.

If one looks at the Mass as an obligation, than I think one has missed the whole point of the Mass.

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