Minister: Obama's $50,000-a-Week Vacation a 'Disgrace' in Light of Economy

A Christian minister led a tiny band of demonstrators front of the White House on a rainy Thursday afternoon to call on President Obama to remember the poor and needy while he is on his $50,000-a-week vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

The Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition and six others – three of whom were children – brought sleeping bags, garbage cans, old newspapers and tarps and placed the display in front of the White House.

“We set that up, especially this week, because the president has chosen, in these difficult economic times, to spend 10 days in one of the most lavish and exclusive places in the world in Martha’s Vineyard,” Mahoney told

“So while the president is riding the pristine bike trails and sailing around Martha’s Vineyard and eating lobster rolls and exclusive meals, we’re here to say, ‘Mr. President, please do not forget America’s poor and needy,’" said Mahoney.

He further said that Obama’s track record shows “(The president) has completely ignored the poor.”

This is a cheap shot. The man is entitled to vacation time to get away from what is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Where do they think the president of the US can go on vacation?

If a little time away will make the man more effective when he’s on duty, that is a good thing and worth the money. That, of course, is rather questionable, but we can hope.

Let them eat cake.

I hope you tea-bagging idiots remember this:

Bush Spent 487 Days At Camp David, 490 Days At Texas Ranch During

Don’t Tread on Me…what reactionary foolishness! Go crawl in a hole.

I hope you remember this:

The moderator will kick you in a heartbeat with that kind of language.

Might want to edit that post and watch what you say around here.

Except that was George Bush’s own ranch. The only costs would go to financing his travel to and from the White House. Taxpayers have been financing Obama’s trips:

Her vacations, the cost of which are mostly borne by taxpayers, include trips to Panama City, Fla., Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, South Africa, Latin America, Vail, Colo., and her visit this week to her brother in Corvallis, Ore.

Taxpayers pick up most of the cost of transporting the first lady and her extensive entourage – including Secret Service and her staff – to her various destinations. While she may in some cases pay some of the tab for her personal expenses and travel, the amount is dwarfed by the overall cost to the public.

Judicial Watch is filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) against the United States Air Force to obtain records related to the June 21-27, 2011, trip taken by First Lady Michelle Obama, her family, and her staff to South Africa and Botswana.

Earlier reports suggested that the cost for air travel cost taxpayers $430,000, but Judicial Watch believes that additional Secret Service officers and White House staff security tallied further expenses.

“How much did the American people spend to send the First Lady on a family outing in Africa? That’s what we want to know,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “On the surface, the trip seems to have been totally unnecessary and was as much an excuse for the Obama family to go on a safari as it was a mission intended to advance the nation’s business in Africa.”

There is an accusation in the Daily Mail the Obama’s have spent $10 million on holidays.

He should make that his next campaign slogan!

“Yes we can…eat cake!”

You might want to read the rules of this forum before you go posting further, my friend, if you want to remain unbanned. What you just posted above is enough to garner you a warning from the moderators, and rightly so.

As Wally from Dilbert would say: What’s the sense of having power if you can’t abuse it.

There is much too much more to criticize for than vacation time. It looks bad, but he obviously does not care any more than he cares what the American people want.

There is documentation being blocked by White House for public disclosure as to exactly how much tax payer money has been spent by the Obamas…

I wrote to my senator requesting this information be made public.

I don’t think its reasonable to expect any President and/or his/her family to be held prisoner in the White House for 4 years. They certainly have a right to travel, take vacations or a day off when they deem necessary; every President prior to Obama has had this unfettered right. The security and other arrangements are necessary because they are a high profile family; its a cost of doing business. If they can weave official business along with vacation, then so be it; it’ll help to save money in the long run.

I’d worry more about bigger items such as foreign aid, military expenditures, tax cuts, etc.

What business did Michelle Obama pursue on her recent 42 day holiday before going to Martha’s Vinyard?

Who knows what her business was? But as First Lady, she has a right to visit wherever and whomever she wishes whether its business related or personal business. If she decided to spend 365 days-per-year on the road traveling doing whatever she pleased, I don’t think would be an issue; if it was I’m sure there’d be rules and guidelines in place. There may already be something in place and if so i’m not aware of it.

I think we just have bigger issues to worry over as opposed to the Presidential Family’s vacation plans.

The man could take a 500 year nap with Buck Rogers and would still be ineffective when he woke up.

You conveniently left Social Security and Medicare off your list; the two largest budget items… Funny how defense always comes before them, and it is third on the pie chart.

And as far as not knowing what the First Lady did prior to this, I thought we were promised transparency? Granted, he was lying when he promised that, and abandoned all pretense thereto years ago, but still, it was part of his promised platform.

He could have picked another vacation spot. Hobnobbing with the rich elitists on Martha’s Vineyard, especially when people are struggling in this economy, looks bad.

I couldn’t care less what she does—she could sail up and down the Mississippi River in a solid gold barge, attended by more servants than the Grand Vizier of Arabia…as long as it comes out of HER pocket, and not the taxpayer’s.

Since we have to pay the bill, we have a right to know.

Especially when he appears to be hobnobbing with the very people he publicly criticizes as ruining the economy and not doing more to “get things moving”.

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