Minister taking the Lords name in vein?

I was a guest at a different kind of church a couple of years ago. They advertised themselves as church done differently so I decided to give it a try. It was done up like a night club complete with a coffee bar and they gave the sacrament to everyone, including the children. It wasn’t real wine but cranberry juice.
It was a strange experience but one thing that always bothered me is that it seemed like the pastor took the Lords name in vein.

He was giving a “message” or what I would rather call a sermon and they had a full surround sound and screen like a theater complete with a rock band type of choir and dry ice. There was lots of hype and on the screen he presented a picture of a man on a raft in the middle of no-where surrounded by great white sharks. His message was that sometimes God will do things like that to you and sometimes metaphorically speaking of course, Jesus will come and see what you have hiding in your closet.

Nobody else seemed to be bothered by this and needless to say I don’t attend that church anymore, but it seems to me that something like that would be taking the Lords name in vein as I don’t believe that God causes disaster in our lives on purpose. We might do that to ourselves from time to time but I would never say that God would purposely cause disasters or do things that would make me feel ashamed. If God and Jesus did that, who would actually go to Them for anything.

I am just reading to much into that?:shrug:

The Catholics church is the only church with sacraments.
This pretend church you went to is just that.
Good that you were not deceived, and you walked away.

Maybe I’m not understanding the full context of the preacher’s sermon, but does the Catholic Church not teach that God, as a loving Father, will at times chastise his children for their own sake? I also believe that there are times when we are tested, but there are also times where those who know the Truth (i.e. Christians) reap the consequences of our sin–especially when we refuse to repent.

It may not be that God is purposely planning something horrible to befall the unrepentant sinner, but he does remove his divine protection so that the person’s soul might be saved. Essentially, God gives us wake-up calls–showing us what happens when we refuse to live by his commandments. Then there are times like Job faced, when God allowed Satan to bring him adversity as a test. Job was righteous, and it was because he was righteous that Satan went after him.

Is this not compatible with Catholic teaching?

I didn’t take his meaning to be chastising.
When I saw the visual on the screen of the person with no oars and surrounded by sharks I felt such dread for anyone being so horribly abandoned. I don’t believe that God would ever do that, ever.

OK. Like I said, I don’t know the full context of the sermon. I was just curious about what Catholics thought about divine chastisement.

God **never **abandons you. EVER.

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