Ministry drops 'crusade,' 'Christ' from its name

Ministry drops ‘crusade,’ ‘Christ’ from its name
Google the word Cru, and you’ll find a chain of wine bars, a data-security company and a restaurant in Los Angeles. Starting next year, you’ll also find the organization formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ International.

The ministry, best known for its college outreach, announced the name change on Tuesday at a staff conference in Fort Collins, Colo.

The thinking, according to the organization’s leaders, was this: Campus no longer represents the group’s comprehensive work, which includes ministries for professionals, the military and people of African descent, among others.

Maybe the Catholic Church should be renamed: “The Big C”! :eek:
Then again, the late John Wayne might object…:shrug:


I didn’t care for the local branch of this organization when I was in college. They made deliberate attempts to prevent students from forming a Newman Center on our campus. Their arguments ranged from, “If you’re really Christians, then our group would be enough for you.” to “We don’t want to encourage evil Catholics to come to our campus.” They were a messed up bunch, in my opinion. I’m not at all sure that their primary concern wasn’t less money to go around.

Dunno - his grandson is a priest.

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