Minneapolis Police Data Shows 1600 Gunfire Reports Over The Past 30 Days

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-> Defund education
-> Quality goes down
-> Defund hospitals
-> Quality goes down
-> Defund Police
-> …
I mean, what were they thinking?

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Not only have the police had the Floyd death but they had the death of Justine Damond.

Minneapolis City Council voted to eliminate the police for taxpayers, but 3 of these City Council members have private security FUNDED BY TAXPAYERS:

Police protection for me, but not for thee.

You are looking at the situation in too narrow a way. After we defund the police, we pass another law requiring all the bad guys to behave better, and all drivers to be careful and assist their fellow drivers in case of accident or dangerous conditions. When everyone has an autonomous vehicle a giant government computer can just issue instructions to avoid traffic hazards. If you have a heart attack or other medical emergency a robot amublance with robot EMS personnel with take care of everyone, and all government services will be provided to everyone free of charge.

What could possibly go wrong?

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