Minnesota manufacturer wins exemption from birth control mandate

A St. Joseph, Minn., employer has received a religious exemption to the federal mandate requiring birth control coverage in workplace health insurance, a case that stems from the Hobby Lobby ruling that weakened a key plank of Obamacare.

American Manufacturing Co. won an exemption based on the fact that its owner, Gregory Hall, is an ordained Catholic deacon in Texas who fundamentally opposes the types of birth control and sterilization specified in the Affordable Care Act of 2010. The law would have required the firm’s insurance to fully cover those procedures for its roughly 40 employees.

“I hope that the results … will encourage others to follow the dictates of their religious beliefs and stand up and assert their fundamental and legal rights,” Hall said in a statement sent by his St. Cloud-based law firm.


I have not seen any decision yet as to Catholic NGO’s - has anything been decided beyond Circuit courts of appeal?



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