Did you perhaps mean “should not”?


I haven’t truly made enough of a study to know if there is credible evidence or not. Personally whether it was made in a lab or whether it came about spontaneously somehow, the way in which it spread through the world definitely appears to show some foreknowledge in some places and a lot of mis/disinformation in others.

I hear COVID, coronavirus, Wuhan. . .I mean what is the difference? Ebola was named after the River near where the first outbreaks took place, Wuhan is where this first appeared, back when I was young we had the Hong Kong flu, etc. Calling it ‘Wuhan’ isn’t a problem. Saying it definitely was, meh. Appears to have been, maybe. But Father Z is privy to perhaps more information than you and I have, and he has always been one to emphasise TEOTWAWKI anyway.

You know, conspiracy theories are always a joke until one of them turns out to be true. Is this one? Don’t know. But it has not definitely been DISPROVEN if you understand me, and provided Father doesn’t recommend ignoring it, if he talks about Satanic influence and all that, I think he’s right about THAT.

It’s funny that the same people who snark that “so and so is all conspiracy stuff’ are usually the first people to go out and remark that Trump is only ‘pretending’ to have the virus, or remark that he only got it because he was doing all the wrong things. . . Well, I guess that any Republican who gets the virus got what they deserved. Democrats, well they only got it in SPITE of doing everything ‘right’, because of some Republican. Right. And everything Trump does and says is twisted as much as every Biden says being twisted.

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