Minorities want more police

The newest Gallup poll shows that 81% of black respondents say they want same level of police or more. But not CNN. Defunding the police proves to be a media phantasy.

Retraining and higher level of inspection strike me as a better route than defunding.

I think people need to skip the New York Post spin and go directly to the Gallup Poll that they cite. You might be surprised as to what the Post is not telling you:

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As a minority, it’s a fact that the police force in this country is overfunded and militarized. Instead of “more training” we need to take excess funding from the police force and put it into things like education and feeding the millions of homeless people in this country. In addition, instead of calling the police to solve everything, there needs to be specialized forces for specific situations such as mental health and domestic abuse.

So, the New York Post runs this paragraph, and you use it to bash CNN? I’m not defending CNN, but the quote is a rhetorical question. it’s not facts.

Has anything close to that reality been reflected in the “national conversation” about race and policing? How many softball interviews did CNN or MSNBC conduct with ­activists claiming to speak for “communities of color,” in which “defunding the police” was not only taken seriously but sympathetically?

I’d agree mental health is not best handled by police forces and would be better handled by more specialized groups. By retraining I would enlarge my point to make it clear I mean moving towards a police force that is less confrontational, but that seems to rely on reforming your whole national culture as well. Some of the issues are true in the UK but the police force here historically is less militarized and tends to work more to a policing by consent model where possible.

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You are right. CNN is no longer a news source. Why even bother with them?

I don’t remember CNN being taken off air :thinking:

I have found that people tend to shy away from news sources when the sources don’t agree with what they think. It’s always good to hear views and facts contrary to your beliefs.

I have watched these “news sources” standing in front of burning buildings in the middle of a riot which they descirbe as “peaceful demonstration”. I have heard the “views”. I have also seen them. Don’t blame me. Nonesense is nonesense.

This may be true, however, it seems like the plan is just “defund the police.” In order to shift from current state to what you are suggesting would take years. First, a detailed plan would need to be written up, circulated, agreed upon. Second, training would then need to take place, which would take time. Thirdly, the public would need to be educated on the changes. An entire “change management” plan needs to be developed and implemented.

If we contrast that to the current plan being put forth in many places of “defund now, figure out the details later” is a recipe for utter disaster.

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Maybe this is peripherally on topic.

Do you believe that there can be a peaceful protest that that is infiltrated by ne’er do wells that incite violence, either for their own purpose or to discredit the peaceful protests?

I do.

There are also plenty of people who believe in extra terrestrials, voodu, and have out of body experiences. We generally believe what we choose to believe, often contrary to logic and evidence.

Okay, equating my view on peaceful protests turned violent to believing in extra terrestrials is rude.

You’re on ignore.

Not equating anything. This is an example of how people choose to believe what they want to believe. Evidence or logic is not applicable to beliefs. That was my point.

No, it is just plainly rude and designed to ridicule the other poster.

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