Minors Doing Drugs & Sin of Omission

A 16-year old I know through church told me in confidence about friends of his (same age) who are regularly doing drugs. I am acquainted with the families, but don’t know them well. As far as he knows, the parents don’t know what their children are doing. He’s not close to those kids, so I encouraged him to tell their parents. But, he doesn’t want to do that because he thinks everyone will know he’s a tattle-tale. I asked if I could send an anonymous e-mail to the families, but he still thinks it will be traced back to him.
My question is, what is the moral responsibility I have as an adult that he trusted to confide this in, and what responsibility does he have? Should I break confidence and tell their parents directly, since they are engaging in all sorts of drugs on a regular basis?

I think you should get into contact with their parents.

You should tell the parents.

I would tell the parents, but definitely don’t mention the kid who told you. Just say that you have a reliable source or something to that nature

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