Minors in R.I. can be strippers

"But dance at strip clubs? Sure. Just as long as the teens submit work permits, and are off the stripper’s pole by 11:30 on school nights. "


I live here. The place is broken.

Sadly, we may see more of this, and in other states of the US. Stripping has been ruled as constitutionally protected free speech several times, and that is apparently the justification that Rhode Island and Providence officials accept for allowing minors to strip. The article notes that other localities have already considered the issue, and with mixed results. :frowning:

The newspaper article has another eye-opening statement:

[quote=Providence Journal article]State law currently allows indoor prostitution, and two bills intended to ban it have stalled in the General Assembly.

I just can’t believe how quickly things are going downhill in America. :mad:

That’s when the police found that neither state law, nor city ordinance bars minors from working at strip clubs. Those under 18 can’t buy pornography, and** no one may take pictures or film minors in sexually suggestive ways**. But the law doesn’t stop underage teens from stripping for money. Even if the police saw underage boys or girls on stage at a strip club, they wouldn’t be able to charge them or the club owners with a crime.

So let’s say a bunch of guys go to a strip joint after work and one takes a cell phone picture of his buddy getting a lap dance from one of these underage strippers is he guilty of child porn?

“The law is a ***.”

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