‘Miracle’ baby brings hope in Muslim Russia

I am posting this here under the Catholic News because I wanted to hear the Catholic views even though this is more of a secular news article.


Could something like this be divine in nature? Afterall wasn’t Ishmael the father of the Arabic nations and Muslim religion? I don’t know much about Muslim or the Koran, I just have my own limited views.

Growing up I’ve alway been taught that Abraham is the father of all nations and that once Isaac was born Ishmael and Hagar were banished away. If you think about it, Isaac’s decendants, Hebrews and Christians alike, all view God as a loving Father, like Isaac would have with Abraham. Where as Muslims view God as a vengful Master-- much the way a slave, Ishmael, might have viewed his master, Abraham.

My point and question is, could it be that God, our Father and wonderful creator, is using this boy in effort to try to bring his Muslim children back into his fold?

Or is this just a hoax-- or worse the work of the devil?:shrug:

Could God do this? Of course; He’s God and can do what He wants to do. I think that’s the actual question, though. Would God put Koran verses on a baby’s leg? That’s the part I find hard to swallow.

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