Miracle experiences

Have you had a miracle happen in your life or witnessed what seemed like it must be the work of an angel? If so, add it to the thread so we can all share your experience.

I had an amazing thing happen to me yesterday and I wanted to share it.

I have a child support hearing today. I don’t have a lawyer, you just go alone. I dread having to be in the same courtroom with my ex and I have had three panic attacks, lost sleep and had several bouts of tears this week just thinking about it. And I really prayed for help, believe me. Last night I could hardly breathe, I was hyperventilating a lot.

Last night my husband and I decided to go to the library to sort our documentation and talk about what we should say and do in court. A man sat at a table next to ours, right where he could see us. We whispered so we wouldn’t disturb him.

When we were mostly done, he got up and asked us if we were discussing a legal matter, and we said yes.

He was a law student studying for his bar, who was a former policeman (court experience) who had been an accountant, divorced twice, and was planning to specialize in family law. He volunteered to help us.

He sat right down and talked with us for at least half an hour. He reassured us, answered our questions, and made me feel so much better. I came into that library carrying a kleenex box, sure I would be weeping,but I left smiling. I actually slept last night.

Nothing less than a miracle!

Yes , I’ve had a few, but here is one that stands out and I haven’t talked much about it. I was coming out of my oncologist office after getting good results from some test, when I bumped into a man who was going in. If I remember correctly he asked “how are you”. I was excited about my good news and told him it, but how I was disappointed in the fact that I was still going to be discharged from the guard, because I had bad neuropathy in my hands and feet. He turned out to be a chaplain from the same infantry divison I was in! I told him how I had gotten a slot on a high speed LRS unit and I was really looking forward to going to Iraq with them. He looked me directly in the eye and said " you know why you got sick don’t you?". I didn’t know what to say. He said " because you would have come back in a bag". I was in shock. I don’t remember the rest of the conversation. I only remember how intensly he looked at me when he said this. I think he was a heaven sent. Tim

Absolutely God working in your life!!! I think this would be more common place if every one would co-operate with God and work with his plan! I’m praying for you, I’ve been though some nasty child custody with family and friends and believe me your response to the situation is in no way unique! Isn’t there some way you could get legal help, you can lose more then you relise without it.

Not quite a miracle but an extremely fortunate coincidence.

Years ago I got into a traffic accident and I was called into court. We had looked for a lawyer but they seemed to be very expensive and we decided we would try to defend ourselves… huge mistake.

When the day of the trial/hearing came, we sat through several other cases, all had some sort of representation, The judge seems okay at first.

But when it came to our case, he seemed to be really upset that we would dare to enter the legal system with out getting a professional attorney. It was as if we were taking money out of his own pockets. There is a saying, anyone who chooses to represent themselves has a fool for an attorney.

He basically implied he didn’t have time for this nonsense and had our case set aside to be handled by another judge. Lucky for us !!! the other judge was very accomodating and had a completely different attitude.

Due to the extenuating circumstances of my accident, the new judge basically dismissed the charges and we only had to pay minor court costs.

IF we had kept the original judge, I’m sure he would have done a whole lot worse. I don’t consider it a miracle but “someone” was definitely looking out for us.

Definately a miracle!

My family has one, several years ago we were going through some very hard times and my mom was struggling to meet the bills. A month before Christmas my little sister went to my mom and said she’d been talking to Jesus. My mom thought that she was pretending, but said something along the lines of “that’s nice.” My sister then added that Jesus had asked if her mom had needed anything so she’d come to ask. My mom replied that she needed about “12 {paused to add the bills} no $1500”. My sister ran off and came back a little later saying Jesus said “he’d take care of it.” Time went by and my mom forgot about the incident.

Well that Christmas we left town, when we came back there were tons of presents on the front porch (we’d had no money to buy any). We brought them in and as children we immediately went to opening them. There were a couple toys, but mostly useful stuff like cloths and shoes - which we badly needed. Also in the pile was an envelope marked to my mom, inside was a check for $1500.

As my mom was trying to read the numbers (she couldn’t tell if it was 150 or 1500 because she was tired), my little sister again came up and asked what she was reading. My mom said she had a check and it looked like it was enough to take care of our needs. My sister then said, “of course Mommy Jesus said he’d take care of it!”

We make sure to retell this story every year to remind us that God really does take care of us! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this was a miracle, but it’s something that happened to me when I was young; and even though it might not be on the scale of a miraculous cure/conversion, it has stuck with me ever since!

One day, about 15 years ago, my family took a trip to the local mall - as we were walking around, I’m sure something flashy caught my eye (as it would any 6 year old) and I got separated from my family. After I realised that I was lost, I remember wandering through the hallways crying, so I decided to run into a store that was nearby. In the store, there was a lady (maybe an employee?) who came up to me; she took me out into the hallway and pointed to the entrance of another store that was at least 100 feet away and said something to the effect of “Your parents are just about to come out of that door.” Sure enough, they did…not within a minute or two, but right after she said it. I mean, even if she knew who my parents were, how could she know that? (Keeping in mind that city had about 300,000 people in it…so I doubt it was just small-town luck!) Needless to say I ran towards them and didn’t look back.

To this day I don’t know who that lady was, but I like to think she was my Guardian Angel looking out for me!

My guardian angel:

  • had saved me from having car accidents
  • stay beside me in the confessional room to make sure I confess all my sins wholeheartedly. I used to have this problem before. :rolleyes:
  • reminds me to pray.

It is a lot, and it is miracles to me.

Michael the Archangel:

  • keeps me from tempations. I’ve recently fought temptation a lot easier than I ever did before.

There are many but pershaps I’ve missed recognizing them. :frowning:

Just got back from court. I survived. My ex had been paying $95 and now it will be $650. It will help a whole lot. :slight_smile: Thank you, Lord!

Well, I don’t really want to share my miracle experience, but I do want to say I know exactly what you are talking about with dreading being in the presence of your ex-husband. It makes me feel a little bit better knowing someone else feels the same way. As I am in literally the last week before my divorce is final, I can not tell you how sick to my stomach I feel knowing that I will have to see him in court or that he will be coming to get the rest of his stuff out of the house and how much conflict is going to be involved with that. I have a restraining order against him, but he knows how to use every point of contact to inflict maximum drama and conflict into our lives. I just wish he would forget about me.

I’m really happy that you had the miracle in the library and your encounter with your ex-husband was relatively peaceful.

I’ve seen a miracle happen, but have never said anything about it, because I can’t control my emotions when I try. I just get all choked up. It’s easier to type, so here goes:

When my son was born, he had an abnormal airway. Doctors said he would die within a few days, and to get as much time with him as we could. Not an easy time, for sure. We had him baptised in the hopsital, just my wife and I, the Priest and two nurses watching.

After a couple of days he was taken to Great Ormond St hospital in London and they gave him a tracheostomy. On a baby his size it was a risky operation, and we had no guarantees that the outcome would be successful. Without the Trachy he surely would have died. Thanks be to God, he survived.

Due to the problems he had, my son couldn’t eat, nor drink, and couldn’t make noise. He never cried, ever. Not even a soundless crying. It was never easy, but we got by, as you do in such situations.

He got older, grew, into a fantastic little boy. The love of everyone. Full of life, able to twist all the ladies around his finger. They adored him.

At Church we would regularly see a fantastic person, Sister Rita. Every few weeks she would be at Church, and she always had a hug for my son. One Easter Sunday, when my son was five, as we left Mass Sister Rita gave him a blessing.

As we all sat at the dinner table that afternoon (we had extended family visiting for Easter) dinner was served. He would always get a plate with a small amount of food and a cup with some water in when we ate, so he could sit at the table with us and join the social occasion.

On that day, for the first time ever, he picked up the glass and drank the water. He cannot drink, certainly can’t eat, he hasn’t the mouth structure for it. But we all saw him, shocked totally, at what had happened. He drank the water.

Sometimes things happen and you just know the cause. It’s that ‘gut feeling’ emotion, and I know without a doubt that he drank that drink because of the blessing he received at Church from Sister Rita. A true miracle.

He’s going to be nine in a few weeks. He still can’t eat, doesn’t drink. Communicates via sign language. It is a miracle in itself that he is here today. But he is fantastic, has all the love you want, is the first to console someone when they are hurt. Still has the ladies smothering him with hugs and kisses :slight_smile:

We have had a little girl since then, she’s now 5. A gift from God. She compliments her brother so well, even though they fight like cat and dog, they are lost when one is without the other.

I still get choked thinking about it now, even just writing what happened. An amazing moment I will never forget.

I have had many miracles in my life, but the one that I like to remember the most is when I got to be a part of someone elses miracle.

My friends neice had played soccer for for a good part of her life. At somepoint around 15 or 16 years of age both of her knees gave out. I was told that if she spent any amount of time on her feet she would not be able to walk for a couple of days. She would get shots in her knees, but it would not help much. Becasue of her bad knees she could no longer play soccer and she fell into depression and I was told that she was becoming self destructive.

I had told my friend that I prayed for people at a prayer meeting that I went too, along with other people and I thought that the Holy Spirit was using me to help others.

Through different conversations my friends sister had found out that I was willing to pray with people. She called my friend and wanted to know if I would pray with their daughter. Of course I said yes.

We made a date to get together. I then spent an hour a day for a week in adoration asking Jesus to be with us when I prayed for her.

The day came, it was a Saturday evening, and we had a meal together before I prayed with her. My friends wife apologized to me because there were about ten more people there than I expected. I told her not to worry because everyone that was there was supposed to be there.

After dinner I took a few minutes to pray alone and then asked her mom to bring her daughter into the room where we had decisded to pray. The funny part is that we chose the smallest room in the house so we did not disturb everyone else. What I did not know is that everyone was there because I was praying for her. :slight_smile:

I had asked her mom if she was familiar with resting the Spirit which she not.(I know some people have a problem with this, but I have had nothing but good experiences with it.) I explained what happened to people when they rested and the daughter wanted to rest in the spirit, God willing.

I prayed with her for about 10 minutes before she rested in the Spirit. She rested for about 20 minutes before trying to get up.
I continued praying over her while she rested. As I was paraying I noticed my friends wife would leave the room occasionaly. I was tld later that she was getting hot and her pulse was racing. A sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The other thing I noticed, but did not pay to much attention to was that everyone in the room was sniffing and I saw the girls father wipe his eyes a couple of times, her dad was the one that caught her when she rested.

When she got up I left the room so that the family could have some privacy. On the way out I heard her say that Jesus had spoken to her while she was resting. Jesus told her that He said it would take time to get better. At one point she met with her pastor and he told her it would take time. So Jesus had used her pastor to speak to her.

She had been healed instantly of both the physical pain in her knees and the emotional problems that she was fighting. All of her family members that were there noticed the change right away, and if that was not awesome enough.

My friends wife told me later that everyone in the room was crying, including the men, and she said these are manly men that didn’t cry, so the Holy Spirit had also touched them.

My friend kept me informed about the condition of his neice. A couple of months later I saw the young lady playing soccer in her yard showing no signs of pain. I think the whole family had a renewed sense of God in their lives.

If there was any confusion the young lady was about 16 or 17 when I met with her, which was just last spring.

Written words probably do not do this experience justice. It was an experience that I will probably never forget.

So praise God for all that does for us.:slight_smile:

God Bless,

My miricle was my conversion. I was an atheist and had a supernatural experience. It was a miraculous event that is difficult to describe except to say that it took two weeks twice (not four weeks) and one second for my conversion and it all happened in one evening. I was instantly and utterly converted from atheism directly to the Catholic Church and received and immediate infusion of faith and obediance.

So Shirley, was the legal advice really helpful?

By the way, I am a divroced father who willingly paid his child support. I even *voluntarily *increased the amount I paid over the years. Except for one or two Post Office foul-ups, was never even late! I love my son and it was the right thing to do. Shirley, I hope you ex, whatever his faults may be, at least performs his duty.

The legal advice was helpful. Some of it turned out not to be 100% accurate, but once I felt I knew what I was doing, understood the law better, and I felt much more confidence.

I was a total basket case up til then. I was afraid I wouldn’t even be able to talk in court for hyperventilating (my panic attacks are hyperventilating). I was nervous, but able to speak calmly, it turned out. The ex stormed out a couple of times, but I was my normal self, pretty much. He is not in his right mind IMO.

I know I would not have made it through the hearing without that man helping us.

My ex lied in court, saying I hadn’t let him see the kids and what was why his visitation % was low. Untrue. sigh. I am still upset about that. But we got a reasonable amount, so I am quite content about it. Thank you for asking!

Shirley, your last post reminded me of a great spirit filled moment I had. I hate talking infront of alot of people, even though I’m very comfortable talking to anyone one on one. Anyway, a friend asked me to give the reading at her wedding. My gosh, I thought-this is going to take alot of prayer! And I prayed that the Holy Spirit would fill me up with the grace and calm I’d need. My mom was at the wedding and was astounded at my performance, she said she didn’t even recognise my voice-I believe the Holy Spirit was definately filling me with His presence!

I don’t know if this would classify as a miracle or not but it was to me.

Last year on Labor Day, my husband and I were coming back from Knoxville in our SUV. We had just left the house and were headed to his grandparents home. His mother was behind us on I-40 (I’ll add here that none of us are from Knoxville, we are from West Tennessee and his parents are from Louisville). It had just begun to rain and we slid a little so my husband slowed down to way below the speed limit and moved into the middle lane (3-lane road). A few more miles down the road we started to spin like were were on ice and we completely turned around in the road and there were no cars coming at us and I couldn’t even see any close by. We then went frontwards into the median and all I could do was say to myself please don’t go into the other lanes of traffic. We then turned back towards our side of the road and were almost back on the road when all of a sudden we slid backwards and the car hit with such a force it turned over on its side and slid over 100 feet. We both had our seatbelts on but as I braced myself I hit the button on mine and it came undone. As the car turned over on its side I went forward into the winshield and then into my husbands lap where he actually caught me and kept me from going out the drivers window. I had my eyes closed at this point. I opened them for just a moment to see that my right arm was dragging on the ground out the window and the ground looked like it had a bright white light shining on it. I closed my eyes back and prayed that I wouldn’t go out the window. It was like I was literally hanging in mid air b/c I don’t think my husband still had a hold of me. We finally stopped and the car uprighted itself a bit where I was sitting back in my seat and my husband was able to crawl out the driver’s side window. I looked on the dashboard and saw my auto rosary that had been blessed by Pope Benedict just sitting there in the middle of the dash with the crucifix facing up just like someone had placed it there. The rearview mirror had come undone and was in the floor. I had thought the rosary would have been lost because so much stuff that we had in the front seat had been thrown out the window while we were sliding on our side. But the rosary looked as if it had just dropped down and not moved. I was stunned when I saw it and all I could think of was that God must have a good reason for keeping me here on earth! It took 33 stitches to sew my arm back up in several different places and I have some damaged muscle tissue but other than that, physically I am ok.

To me that was my miracle. and its kind of weird how I pray and pray for the memory of the accident to leave me but everytime I am doing something I shouldn’t be doing or am thinking about doing something that would go against God, the memory comes back into my head. Even if it has nothing to do with the accident.

IMO, that accident that could have turned into a tragedy has helped me to become a better Christian and I hope a better Catholic (well soon to be Catholic, since I won’t be confirmed until Easter of this year)!

I dont know if this is a real miracle or if someone projected this image into the sky. But back in 1994 on Nov. 1st. my children and I were going to mass. I noticed this strange scene in the sky that was going straight across the moon, that is it was verticle going up and down… It was blackened on the right portion of the moon and hung down off the moon but it was all one piece. Then we noticed that there was a spiral from the top of the moon all the way up into the sky as far as the eye could see. I will never forget it. But everyone in the car with me saw the same thing.

My cousin borrowed 20 thousand dollars from friends for his business, a gas station/ convenience store, and a few days before it was payback time, he had no idea where he was going to get the money.

His wife scratched a lotto ticket from their store, and won (yes you know where this is going, eh?) 20 thousand dollars.

This is hearsay, but I heard it from my niece and then my mom confirmed.

Anyway, the story goes "…and my mom was jumping up and down, and she told John we won 20 thousand dollars, and he said ‘no, you’re wrong’, and then he saw it was true, so we called my Dad and told him we won 20 thousand dollars, and he said ‘no, you’re wrong’ "

It was kinda funny.

The lord gave me a job some time back and I was working for the Education service. That ment that they were to dothe taxes. 9months into the work I asked after some point was said. The head man told me that I was self employed. By now I owed some $6,000 in taxes. I decided to go to the tax Dept and tell them the story. Some two months latter I went back there and as I told the girl at the counter the story this man came towards me told me that he knew my story and to follow him to his office.

I said to Jesus "Lord this is like David and Goliath and if I had done the work the Lord wanted me to do then i claim the cutting off of the head of Goliath.
In the office he told me that he had read the situation and that he suggested to the boss that I wouldn’t be able to pay back, it was onlygoing to cost the office $ to post and that they decided that they $6,000 would be wiped away, which they did and I was free.

God bless

What happened and what made you think differently ??? My son is an atheist and I’d be interested in any conversions and what nudged them towards God or the Church.

And why the Catholic Church ? were you Catholic before or some other faith ?

I want to know too! Sounds really interesting… Please share.

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