Miracle experiences

Oh boy. I am a bit uncomfortable doing this on a public forum. But here goes.

In October of 2003, I was on vacation and travelling by car. I stopped to help at the scene of a grisly one-car accident in rural Nevada. A young woman, the sole occupant, whom I did not know, died in my arms at the scene after 45 minutes of me administering first aid. Her car had out-of-state plates so I knew this happened hundreds of miles from her home. I was terrible scene and left me with memories of horrific images of the scene and her broken body.

I had this one recurring thought. “What a stupid empty death.”

I contacted her family (an adventure in itself!) and we agreed to meet at a town near the accident scene. This was a little less than two weeks after the accident. I wanted to explain what happened to their daughter and show them scene of the accident. It turned out they were devout Catholics.

It was the most bizarre and surreal day of my life. But too much to explain here. At the end of the day, they started for home and I returned to my hotel room. I was very down and dejected, like I had been since the accident. Worse, they had shown me pictures of this lovely young lady. These picture made my memories of the accident more harsh, more lurid, more horrific.

All that I could think was that terrible line, “What a stupid empty death.”

I was so upset, so grieved, that I shouted it out loud.

Right then, a woman behind me turned on a bright light and came up and spoke to me over my left shoulder She said, “No death is empty when it brings someone closer to God.”

I turned to look, and with shock I realized I was in my hotel room. All alone. The back of my chair was pushed against the wall. There was no woman and there was no source for the still brightly shining light. Suddenly I could not move or breathe.

Moments later it was two weeks ago. I began to re-live, to re-experience, the entire preceding two weeks in every detail and in real time. Everything, from brushing my teeth to every passing thought. Yet I was still in my hotel room and time was not passing, or at least I was not breathing. I was an observer in my own head. I knew what the other me was thinking and what would happen, yet I could not influence the other me or events. I became acutely aware of my sins, each and every one! It was not like a video. I was there. Yet I was still in my hotel room. There were two of me, one doing, the earlier me, the other watching, me now.

As I experienced this, I became acutely aware of my sins. An alien concept to an atheist. I also knew this was no dream. I was being shown this by… Someone.

Long before the two weeks were over (for the second time and in just one evening and just one breath) I realized I had been wrong all my life. There was a God. He was showing me this. The experience (I cannot call it a “vision”) ended with the woman speaking those words to me again, “No death is empty when it brings someone closer to God .”

God wanted my attention and He got it. He was directing me to the Catholic Church. I instantly had this powerful faith in God, that he would preserve me. At the same time, I was also filled with a great desire to submit to God’s will and be obedient to His Church.

That was a Saturday night. I went to Mass in the little town the next morning before I started for home. It was the very first time I had ever set foot into a Catholic Church. October 18th, 2003, 8:00 Mass.

Except a couple of times because of illness, I have not missed Mass since that night.

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rpp, What a moving story. I have heard that eternity contains the past, present, and future all at once. Sometimes it seems like we have these unexplained moments where we do get a glimpse of eternity in the here and now. How illuminating those flashes are. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Uh, one correction. Myh experience happened Saturday, October 18, 2003. My first Mass was the next morning, October 19.


Thank you so much for sharing this moving experience.

Romans 8:28. Praise the Lord!

God bless you!!

[quote=Rpp]In October of 2003, I was on vacation and travelling by car. I stopped to help at the scene of a grisly one-car accident in rural Nevada

Richard, have you ever considered the incredibly awesome timing that it was YOU who happened on the scene? Had you left your location a minute sooner, you would have been beyond the accident. I fully believe there are no accidents in God’s timing. A beautiful story!

Have you ever read the book, When Angels Appear? Lot’s of similar “coincidences” — but we know the origin. :wink:

Thank you, Richard. That is a real miracle and a wonderful story. God is good!


Thank you rpp for sharing this.

Oh you have no idea all the things I have considered about this. That was most certainly one of them.

My pastor and my RCIA sponsor asked me to write a detailed account. After I got started, I added the part aboput how I became an atheist. By the time I was finished, it was nearly 150 pages.

While most would never guess by looking at my posts, I already am a published author (well, geeky computer technical articles.) and know how to write a narrative story. (But only when I have lots of space.)

After a couple of people read it they suggested it be published. It will ceome out in a couple months. The working title is Enemy of Daylight. The hold up right now is a cover design.

Mine was quite simple and ordinary.

I was a lukewarm catholic since I became catholic :stuck_out_tongue:
Yupe, my mum converted to Catholic when I was 7, thus automatically, I was baptised also. But she never learnt the proper teaching of the church and was a very lukewarm catholic.

So when I went abroad to study, I became lapsed catholic. A reason is because the mass is in English, which is not my first language. So starting 2000 I stopped going to church, except when I go home and my mum forced me to go. I even stop praying and had doubt in the existence of God.

end of June 2003, I had a dream, where I was given a Rosary. Nothing fantastic, but it was a slap in the face. I mean, I never think/pray anything about God and it just happened like that. so I started to look for the catholic church. I searched in the internet and found the mass in my native language and even the community. So I started to attend mass again.

That’s the beginning of a long journey home. It took me 3 years to really understand the Catholic teaching and fully agreed with it.

Last year, out of sudden, I felt that God was calling me to be a priest/religious. And I read an advertisement about vocation weekend. I wanted to show it to a friend, so I copy and paste it. Unfortunately, I didn’t copy the contact (Stupid right?!)
After that, I couldn’t even find out where I got the ad. I checked my diocese website and even emailed them to ask whether they have any info about it. The reply was no. 2 weeks after that, I was still curious, so in the bus (on the way home) I prayed to God “If it’s according to Your will, please help me to find the ad again.” Short and simple.

I reached home, browsed my diocese website, and it’s at the main page. :smiley: Scary!:eek:

Sometimes through dreams, God gives you a very powerful message. Your dream of having given a rosary is one of them. In the past, I had a dream but I had ignored it for couple of years. Now, looking back, I know for sure it is a message for me. In that dream, I was crucifying Jesus myself. Though, I woke up and cried, but soon enough, I forgot all about it.

Are you still praying for your vocation or you are in the process of becoming priest?

Yupe, I agree with that. I often have unusual dream. I remember the other one, where I think I was back to the past, where Jesus was crucified. Jesus was hanging on the cross and everyone’s just running all over the place and no one’s aware of Him. Then there was someone who took a cup, and collected His blood, but he mixed it with dirt. :frowning:

I was so sad when I woke up and for such dreams usually I don’t tell anyone about it, fear that it’s just a dream or people might think that I’m a visioner or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for my vocation, I’m still discerning, although I will have to start over again. Last year, I was quite close with the Franciscan (OFM), but there’s something missing. I’m still studying, so I still have few years to decide.

At the moment, I’m training myself to be an apologist. There are so many ignorant Catholics out there and there are many growing denomination churches. :slight_smile:

Keep praying vince2paul - such priesthood vocation is wonderful. I wish it was my vocation; but well, I am starting to pray for my kids **

Seeing that a lot of people here are talking about dreams that might be of a spiritual nature, I have a great reference text that might help some of you.

It not only looks at dream symbols (which in and of itself is an iffy thing), but it looks at Christian dream symbols - taken from a sound Christian perpective.

The book is:

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In A Vision of the Night
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The book emphasizes the importance of God’s guidance to His people through dreams, and explores and teaches what the Bible says about dreams.

Whether or not dreams come only from God, and what symbols in dreams mean according to the scriptures.

The book may be ordered online either in paperback, or it can be purchased electronically and downloaded here:


Her website is located here:


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