Miracle in Rome


When we first visited Rome after becoming Catholic at the Easter Vigil we were expecting a miracle. Or, at least I was. I remember waiting all day to view Pope John Paul IIs body. I stood at the steps waiting to walk up, and boldy said, I am here for my miracle.

Well, two months later my miracle arrived.

I would like to submit my miracle to the Vatican for review. I have no idea if it would even pass scruntiny. I was under the care of a team of doctors at the time - who said I would not be able to get pregnant without IVF (exteremly controversial in the church as is repoductive endocronology). Needless to say, we did not have to go that far. All is documented extensively.

And, we have two children now. I am sure it is because of Pope John Paul, Padre Pio and others praying for us. Whom, I cannot thank enough.

Can anyone tell me how I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance,


I have no idea- try the vatican website (vatican.va, i believe).


google the cause for sainthood of the prospective saint you are interested in, John Paul II in this case, and you should get the link to the postulator for his cause, that is the person who investigates miracles obtained through his interecession and who would deal with the documentation.


I don’t say this to let you down, but your case is very well likely not to pass scrutiny, because it could very well be a natural occurance.

And things things have got a lot more stricter in this pontificate.


Thank you for the information! I found him and just sent him an email. :thumbsup:


You are right, and that is exactly what I have been thinking. However, it just wont quit nagging at me. So, I have sent the story along and whatever it done with it so be it. At least I have done my part. And, wont keep wondering…what if all the time!


Thank you! :smiley: I have been blessed!


the postulators for the causes of Fr. Solanus Casey and Fr. John Hardon, both of whom lived in Detroit toward the end of their lives, actually advertised on Catholic sites for people to come tell their stories, so I am sure such testimony is welcome, and will be weighed in due course. I saw the solicitations when I was in Michigan and actually our family, like so many in Detroit, does have a Fr. Solanus story/


It is still a wonderful miracle…even if it can’t be used…thank you for sharing:)




(Ooops! I hit wrong button!)

First, allow me to repeat myself. Congratulations!
Second, I’m not sure how the Vatican office which determines / makes decisions on these things would view it. Miracles like being blind and seeing again are the ones quickly addressed / scrutinized. But follow the suggestions given here, as well as contacting not only the Vatican (don’t be surprised if it takes time) - but try asking at St. Padre Pio shrines as to how you should go about this, since it sounds as though you’re attributing it also to St. Pio.

A miracle. I could use one myself.


May God grant you the grace to discern through which saint He gave you this miracle. If you wish to contact the Holy Father, his address is:

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City

Keep in mind that the Vatican’s mail system is separate from that of Italy; in order to prevent your letter from being delayed or misrouted, do not put the word “Italy” anywhere on the envelope.


I don’t say this to let you down, but your case is very well likely not to pass scrutiny,

But this doesn’t mean it’s not a favor granted at John Paul II’s intercession.


I said what I said because it is true. I did not speak as to whether it is true or not or if Pope JPII was a saint or otherwise.

I just said that her case is not easily seen as a miracle. Now if she is like missing something essential, like the blind person cured at Lourdes yet still has no retina, well then you have case that might be looked at. These other postulants that advertise like crazy is when the cause is pretty slow or downright dead. Pope JPII has troppo.


Congrats on the 2 kids. Many miracles happen that can’t be used for canonisation. If you believe you got one why not write a long blog about it and tell the whole world? It’ll be good apostolate in any case.:slight_smile:


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