Miracle in the Rain


Not sure if this is the right thread, but ^^

A few days ago, where I live, there was a huge rainstorm. Lightning, floods of rain, the whole package.

Well, we went to Blockbuster. ^^ In the rain… well my mother was jumping at every huge bolt of lightning, and we were going 20 because you couldn’t see a thing. I was singing to myself, as I do, and a curious song struck me.

Let me explain: At LifeTeen Mass, we sing the Our Father. That was the song in my head. Well, the second I said ‘Amen’ the rain stopped. It just, all stopped.

There was still a bit of lightning, but not a drop of rain.

God is so cool.

(On the way back, I told my mom about the song and I said, 'The rain stopped because of me… a slip of the tongue you see, I meant God, I really did. Well a huge bolt of lightning stuck right then and I was like, ‘I’m sorry, didn’t mean it!’ :rotfl: )



i think you are right, God acts in misterious ways; you see, a few years back in my hometown of Monterrey Mexico, i went to have confession at a church (those days i was just back to the catholic church, mainly because i had communion in mortal sin, for a few years, i only had communion to make my mom happy, but Saddam Hussein make me confess, YES I WAS SCARED TO DEATH OF DESSERT STORM BEGINING) So that day i go to have confession and in the doors of the church i think “you know what God, i dont think i need you at all” at exactly that moment one of the church’s doors (about 5 inches thick) slams close hitting me on the nose, i stand on the floor for a full 5 min. minimum, when i finally get up i said “come on God, there’s no need to get phisical” and i go to my confession.


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