Miracle of Maldonado

had this taped from the hallmark channel and watched it last night. amazed that MSM has any dramatization that correctly presents, in a Catholic context, Catholic teaching on miracles, and furthermore has a sympathetic and accurate presentation of the Catholic faith, and Catholic priests in general. simple plot summary, a Mexican boy whose mother has died crosses the border, being victimized by a coyote in the process, to find his father. He is injured and his bloody wound becomes infected. He hides in the church and tries to wash his wound, apparently allowing blood to drip on the crucifix below. A Mexican woman of faith praying sees the "milagro" and proclaims it. The dying town quickly becomes a media mecca and pilgrimage site as word of the "miracle" spreads. Meantime we are given glimpses of the troubled lives of the town's residents, including the troubled parish priest who feels unable to help them. During the investigation of the miracle the boy is helped, a marriage heals and a "miraculous" pregnancy comes about, a man is aided in his care of his aging mother, a lonely woman finds a loving mate, and the boy finds his father, even as the "truth" of the miracle comes out. The surprise ending is worth the whole movie. well worth watching

This 2002 film is also known as The Maldonado Miracle. It was directed by Salma Hayek, who doesn’t appear in the film.

Here is the review which appeared in Variety:

§ic generously showcases a cast that clearly enjoyed coming together as a fictive community. There aren’t many residents left in the dusty Southern California burg of San Ramos, a onetime silver-mining town that’s seen its economy and populace wane for two decades. Even the parish priest, Father Russell (Peter Fonda), has applied for a transfer – saying he thinks people here have lost hope, though it appears he’s the most deficient in that regard.

One night, illegal alien child Jose (Eddy Martin) wanders into town with an untreated arm wound and his dog. They spend a first evening hiding in the scaffolding above the church’s giant crucifix. Jose, who crossed the border looking (fruitlessly so far) for his migrant worker father, has already found different digs in which to hide by the time middle-age Josephina (Soledad St. Hilaire) arrives for her morning prayers. She runs out screaming that a “miracle” has occurred – blood “tears” appear to have flowed from the crucified plaster Jesus’ eye.

Father Russell is skeptical, as are the sheriff (Dan Merket) and some townsfolk. But attempts to keep a lid on this potential circus until police and diocese can investigate is promptly gone. Josephina’s story keeps gaining “miraculous” embellishments with every telling.


If you miss the film on the Hallmark Channel, it is available on NetFlix. And, of course, the DVD can be purchased from the regular sources.

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