Miracle of Marcelino

This is a wonderful film, (1955) which I’ve just watched on youtube.

Truly moving, made me cry at many points.


Its in 12 parts.


Gives me something to do tonight. Thanks for posting.

just finished watching the movie. What a wonderfull moving story. Thanks for posting it.
God love you!

the ending always makes me cry a little.

I’m watching it again. Very excellent movie.

I did a search on the young actor. Born in 1948, Pablito Calvo did this film in 1955, went on to star in Uncle Hyacinth in 1956, An Angel Passed Over Brooklyn in 1957, Toto and Marcellino in 1958, and Juanito in 1960. He became Spain’s most famous child actor after the Miracle of Marcelino but retired from acting when he was 16 to become an industrial engineer. As a trivia, his voice was alway dubbed on the screen.

Pablito Calvo died of a brain hemorrhage in Feb 2000.

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