Miracle of the Sun at Fatima


If the sun truly danced at Fatima, how come it wasn’t seen all over the world, but only in a localized area?
Also, according to “What Happened at Fatima” by Leo Madigan, there was fear that the children might be hanged if a miracle didn’t arrive. Isn’t it possible, then, that the people might have lied in order to protect the children?
Finally, why weren’t there any pictures taken of the event?


I have read that the Miracle of the Sun was seen not just in the local area, but by some people 10’s of miles away. Also, many people in the local area did not see the sun dance.

Also, the Miracle of the Sun was reported by government press. This is significant because the government at that time was apparently anti-Catholic.



Also, did you know that the Virgin Mary has been appearing in Egypt from the 60’s to the year 2000. It’s very odd, but there are very few pictures or video. However, if you scour the internet, you can find them. It bothered me that such event got almost no press in the Western world. In any event, I heard that many people said it was ‘difficult’ to take decent pictures or video.

However, like I said, if you scour the internet, you can find them…

Here are the most famous images…


Also, this site seems to have the most video, but you can also check out YouTube.com.



Hmm, here is something interesting I found.


Recent Muslim attacks on Christians in Egypt…


I’ve heard one idea that the apparent motion of the sun at Fatima was the result of the plumes / clouds of soot from a volcanic eruption in Costa Rica.

Most of the satellite pictures we see of the Atlantic on the Weather Channel don’t suggest that there is normally such a flow.

I don’t know how such an even could have occurred.


Someone also said that even if the dancing of the sun can be attributed to scientifically explicable reasons, the miracle is also in the timing and location of the event.

It’s like saying “An earthquake will occur in ] on January 14th, 2015” and such earthquake actually happening exactly on that day and in that place… An earthquake is a perfectly scientifically explicable event, but calling the time and place is the hard part…


CSN, is the apparition you’re speaking of here approved by the Church (meaning first of all the local bishop)? If not, it is not appropriate to speak of it here.

Regarding the miracle at Fatima, this is one of the most astounding public miracles that has ever occurred, for several reasons:

  • It was seen by about seventy thousand people. Think about that for a moment.

  • A great many of the observers were members of the atheistic (Masonic) government and the hostile local press who came to debunk the whole thing. These people reported the miracle verbatim in the local press, and there were many conversions. This demonstrates that these nonbelievers witnessed the miracle.

As for those who did not see - well, of course, the sun did not actually “dive” towards the earth - first of all, it is the earth that orbits the sun. The miracle was in these 70,000 people seeing this occurring simultaneously. It was a display of the unlimited power of the Intelligence that created and sustains the universe at every moment, and it was given to put His mark of authenticity on the events at Fatima.

So, to answer your question, no, it does not make any sense at all to suggest that “the people” - all 70,000, most non-Catholics - “made up” the story to protect the seers (who were hated by many).


But if He made the sun appear to zigzag towards the earth and to dance, is that a deception or a lie?


Not at all! No more than the fact that the Earth “looks” flat means God is lying to us, or the fact that the sun “looks” like it circles the Earth rather than visa versa, to our naked eyes.

God can do what he wants with his creation :). In fact, this miracle at Fatima seems closely related to the one recorded in the Book of Joshua, in which God made the sun stand still in the sky to enable Joshua’s armies to complete their victory over their enemies. In the same way that the sun appeared to dance at Fatima, the sun appeared to stand still in the time of Joshua, because God is the master of both his physical creation and of how his creation is perceived by men :).


You mean still-pictures of the sun? :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep in mind, that it’s not daylight “all over the world” at the same time. In areas of the world, where it was nighttime… logically speaking, they would not have seen the Miracle of the Sun.

However, as mentioned above… the Miracle of the Sun WAS indeed witnessed for many, many miles around the surrounding area. Not just by the thousands of people present at the Cova da Iria (where the Apparitions took place).

The anti-Catholic, secular newspaper of the area… “O Seculo” reported on the happenings at Fatima, that day. Perhaps the link below would be of interest to you. It contains not only a transcript of an eye-witness account from an “O Seculo” reporter… but also, some photographs of the crowd… taken during the Miracle of the Sun.

I hope this helps. God bless.



The funny thing about miracles is that they often behave in ways humans do not understand. Why did the sun appear to move just over Fatima on that particular day? Simple. Because God wanted it to.

Expecting miraculous events to behave according to human understanding makes them, well, not miraculous at all.

Perhaps that is why childlike faith is seen as a virtue in many regards. Not that we should suppress out inquisitive nature. But, just because we don’t understand the workings of God Almighty doesn’t make us any less human. It simple shows that we are only human.


And another thing. Before the miracle, it had been raining heavily in the area. That morning ti was very muddy and some areas were even knee deep still in water. After the miracle, the entire area was dry. In a flash the entire area dried up.


I was about to say - and a MOVING (or apparently so) sun no less?

I dare you to try taking a picture of ANY moving object with the cameras they had in 1917 and tell me how you did. :stuck_out_tongue:


who is Leo Madigan and was he there?


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