'Miracle' woman says El Salvador's Oscar Romero a saint

’Miracle’ woman says El Salvador’s Oscar Romero a saint
By MARCOS ALEMAN | Associated Press

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – A Salvadoran woman whose unexpected recovery from a life-threatening condition was deemed a miracle, paving the way for the upcoming canonization of the late Roman Catholic Archbishop Oscar Romero, said Friday she’s convinced he is a saint.

Speaking days before a planned pilgrimage to the Vatican along with her husband and thousands of others, Cecilia Maribel Flores also expressed hopes of meeting Pope Francis, who earlier this year approved the miracle and decided to elevate the martyred cleric to sainthood.

“We know that Romero is a saint, a man of God, who as a pastor defended his flock, defended the poor, the most needy, the victims,” Flores said during a visit to the hospital chapel where 38 years ago Romero was felled by a gunman’s bullet while celebrating Mass.

Pictures at link. Can we ask for Arbishop Romero’s intercession? I was always admired him.


Yes, of course you can. The husband of the woman in the article did, with great success.


I should hope she’s convinced he’s a saint, since the Pope is about to declare him one.

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Exactly, I said out loud "well, the Church also says he is a Saint!

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