After praying the sorrowful mysteries on my rosary yesterday at 3 pm, I looked at my rosary and the silver cross had turned a ruby red from Jesus’ head down to the bottom of the cross, with the heaviest redness at his wounds. The top remained silver. I took a picture of it. The cross has returned to silver. I have been having many years of suffering and dryness and was looking for a sign that God is there and hears me. How do I respond to this? I would like to share the picture but am not sure of the rules here.

When it comes to discussion of faith and happenings like the one you claim, rather that say, “I believe” I prefer the term, “I am open to the possibility.” For instance, when it comes to creation, I am open to the possibility that it happened exactly as stated in Genesis; I am open to the possibility that evolution and the big bang are the tools God used, and I am open to the possibility that mankind was seeded on earth by aliens from Ceti Omicron IV in the Multara galaxy. I don’t know.

As to the happening of yesterday at 3pm, I would be open to the possibility it is what you want it to be. It could have been just the way the light hit the crucifix, or it could have been … Either way, if you believe you got a sign you are looking for, good for you.

One suggestion, don’t go racing to the Bishop to claim a “miracle” happened. Bishops have enough on their plate. Seeking any kind of attention could prove more trouble to you than it is worth.

If you choose to see this as that instance that lifts the dryness and emptiness in you life, good and I and i’m sure others would be happy for you.

As to the picture, can’t help you there.


I would make an appointment with a trustworthy priest for a good bit of spiritual direction and Confession.

Definitely speak to a priest. He can best guide you. We on the Internet would be just guessing really if it was a sign or not and a priest can see you and talk to you in person and get a sense of you better than we ever could.

God Bless,


It is probably a signal grace. These things happen.

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