Miracles for canonisation and beatification

Apologies for posting this here, it’s not quite L&S, but it’s not really anything else either.

I was wondering was whether any non-medical miracles are considered in the beatification/canonisation process. Does anyone know of a saint who was canonised because of a non-healing miracle?

I understand that obviously medical miracles (cures for ‘incurable’ diseases, regaining lost senses etc.) are easier to scientifically prove than others - get the doctors in, check whether there’s any other explanation for the cure and so on, but me and most of the people around me, on a daily basis, are praying for less tangible, or certainly less provable things - the conversion of a particular person, strength to overcome a recurring sin, a job, depression and so on. Have there been any cases where such prayers being answered would be considered in someone’s cause?

Maybe not even examples like I’ve given but there may be some more concrete non-medical miracles that have been considered. Can anyone offer any examples? I’m not a complete idiot btw, I get that a miracle, by definition, is more than just any prayer being answered, but I’m just interested in any insight people could offer.

Thanks :thumbsup:

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