Miracles of the Saints - Protestant reaction?


I have read about countless numbers of miracles attributed to the Saints, many of which occurred after their death, such as never decaying, or having the aroma of flowers or sweetness - or how about the miracles in which the Eucharist was changed to real flesh in blood and still preserved today in Europe. These seem to be miraculous acts of God through the Saints, and yet it is not something that I hear many Protestants (I know some Protestants do hold high esteem for the Saints although the miracle of the Eurcharist would still be one that seems to contridict their practices), or anyone outside of the Cathlolic Church for that matter make reference to?

Why is this? Any ideas, or reactions from non-catholics about the importance of these miracles?

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I havent heard of any miracles:o Unless it is on the news I dont know much of what you are talking about:confused: I guess because, as a protestant, I was not taught this growing up.

The Eucharist is a different bible interpretation then the CC. Since we dont believe the same way we do not think it is a miracle.


What the original poster is talking about are miracles in which the Eucharist changes entirely into flesh and blood. That is to say, it no longer even appears to be bread and wine.



Check out this site:

Or do a search on the miracle at Lanciano.


Somebody said that happened:eek: I have to say since I dont believe in the blood and flesh thing anyway, I would not believe that either.

Thanks for the site–I will check it out later.:smiley:


Well in a sense you are actally answering my question :slight_smile: But it would really suprise me since it has been scientifically verified outside of the Catholic Church and I think its even preserved for the public to see if I remember right? - I believe the link the previous poster guided you to will most likely cover that aspect of the miracle, if not I can probably track something down about it.

Thanks for the response! Peace


When DNA testing proves it is the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ then I will believe it.

forever Baptist


According to the site, the flesh is made of human tissue, muscle similiar to the human heart, the blood found in the blood of the wine that turned into wine is AB positive.


Ancient Anxanum, the city of the Frentanese, has contained for over twelve centuries the first and greatest Eucharistic Miracle of the Catholic Church. This wondrous Event took place in the 8th century A.D. in the little Church of St. Legontian, as a divine response to a Basilian monk’s doubt about Jesus’ Real Presence in the Eucharist.

During Holy Mass, after the two-fold consecration, the host was changed into live Flesh and the wine was changed into live Blood, which coagulated into five globules, irregular and differing in shape and size.

The Host-Flesh, as can be very distinctly observed today, has the same dimensions as the large host used today in the Latin church; it is light brown and appears rose-colored when lighted from the back.

The Blood is coagulated and has an earthy color resembling the yellow of ochre.

Various ecclesiastical investigation (“Recognitions”) were conducted since 1574.

In 1970-'71 and taken up again partly in 1981 there took place a scientific investigation by the most illustrious scientist Prof. Odoardo Linoli, eminent Professor in Anatomy and Pathological Histology and in Chemistry and Clinical Microscopy. He was assisted by Prof. Ruggero Bertelli of the University of Siena.

The analyses were conducted with absolute and unquestionable scientific precision and they were documented with a series of microscopic photographs.
These analyses sustained the following conclusions:

The Flesh is real Flesh. The Blood is real Blood.

The Flesh and the Blood belong to the human species.

The Flesh consists of the muscular tissue of the heart.

In the Flesh we see present in section: the myocardium, the endocardium, the vagus nerve and also the left ventricle of the heart for the large thickness of the myocardium.

The Flesh is a “HEART” complete in its essential structure.

The Flesh and the Blood have the same blood-type: AB (Blood-type identical to that which Prof. Baima Bollone uncovered in the Holy Shroud of Turin).

In the Blood there were found proteins in the same normal proportions (percentage-wise) as are found in the sero-proteic make-up of the fresh normal blood.

In the Blood there were also found these minerals: chlorides, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium.

The preservation of the Flesh and of the Blood, which were left in their natural state for twelve centuries and exposed to the action of atmospheric and biological agents, remains an extraordinary phenomenon.

cited from the website.


One other thing is the tissue has not atrophied or decayed in any way. It is in the same state … pliable, soft … as normal living heart tissue would be.


The Catholic Church had been celebrating the Eucharist – changing the bread and wine into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ and providing this food for the soul to the Faithful in Holy Communion – for about 65 or 70 years or so before the Gospel of John was ever written, taught by the Apostles personally and those whom they had appointed to succeed them The New Testament confirms the teachings of the Church, but it is not their original source.

The Church did not come out of the NT; rather, the NT came out of the Church.

So for the Catholic, it’s not “interpretation” – it’s divine revelation, taught by the lips of the Apostles.

God’s many Eucharistic miracles strengthen our faith.

Pax Christi, Katholikos


Could a contemporary of Jesus take a sample of his blood to prove his divinity?


:eek: I’m sure that’s how the disciples looked, too, just before they left Him and called His teaching on this “a hard saying”.


Wow… that’s just fascinating. I’m not doubting, but can it be proven that this flesh and blood has really been there for centuries?


taking a sample of his blood proves only that God works in mysterious ways.


It has the same blood type and DNA as the Shroud of Turin.

That’s good enough for me. :slight_smile:


One could prove Jesus’ humanity if one could sample His blood, but not His divinity. Jesus is Second Person of the Blessed Trinity – God Himself. God is a Spirit. Divinity has no blood.


Hahaha!!! Good answer, I was going to say the same. My question to whoever asked about DNA match was who would provide the baseline sample that is definitively Jesus’s?


Yeah, we are talking about bread turned flesh that has actually been preserved naturally for centuries, and scientifically confirmed to be of the same tissue as a heart.

So I think the fact that a miracle like this has even taken place, and just so happens to be from the Eucharist, is good enough evidence that it is the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

Who else’s would it be? Or more importantly why?

But remember, this is only one of many miracles attributed to the Catholic Church’s history - there are also the preserved bodies of Saints, another one you can still go visit today, in tact, without any unnatural preservatation applied - the name is slipping my mind at the moment, I’m sure any other well school Catholic here could provide that. There are the corpses of Saints with the aroma of flowers, and lists of other miracles…

It just seems to me that these are overwhelming circumstances to try and deny or explain away… at least for me?



Well lets say for example (basing dates on the references of the latest scientific tests done on the sample) that it wasn’t centuries but only since that test in the 70’s for the sake of argument… thats still over a 30 year period in which the flesh has remained in tact… that is still a miracle in itself and points to something other than natural intervention.


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