Miracles or healing ?


I would like to ask if anyone has personally experienced or known someone close who has experienced a super natural healing or other event which they believed was an act of our Lord. Even a personal revalation.

Waiting to hear from anyone!



God healed me of Celiac Disease. :smiley:


An angel curerd my mother of malaria. (She acturally saw the angel, too. When she was visiting Africa.)


As a teenager, my uncle was struck in the eye with a projectile while “jacking up” the car one day and the doctors told his parents that he would be blind in that eye. My grandmother poured holy water from Lourdes on the bandages which he had to wear for months as the eye healed. He regained his full 20/20 vision - not even a hint of blindness. I believe it was a miracle. Even the doctors were amazed that his eye fully healed.


God blessed me with something bad. This medicne I was taking was poisoning my system, I almost died yesterday because of it. I have been suicidal for a long time - but when I finally got down their I figured out I didn’t want to die. No more of that medicine and I should get better grades in school.

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