Miracles through the Saints

I was wondering if anyone has had any personal stories / experiences they would like to share where they themselves or someone they know has experienced a miracle through an intercessory prayer to a Saint?


It seems unwise to share “unapproved private revelation” here.

Is giving testimony or thanks to a saint considered “private revelation”. Several shrine sites I visit have testimonies from people who have been helped by their patron.

I have not seen it here in the US but in many other countries you can see the statues of Saints or Mary with silver/gold medals, precious rosaries or gold chains. Also specially for the Virgin you find very elaborate mantillas, dresses, etc. These are the testament of a prayer answered by that Saint.
Also if people don’t come forward and testify to the Church that their ailment was cured by a miracle from the intercession of a Saint, the Church would not have what is needed to advance the Canonization process for the Saints today given the process She has instituted to proclaim them now.


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I ALWAYS LOST MY KEY AND STUFFS. I ask St. Anthony to help me pray. It won’t take an hour but only seconds for me to find what I’m looking for. That always happens when I ask his intercession, I immediately got the answer from God.

And the Virgin Mary, when I have troubles, I would feel that there’s a mother to comfort. It can’t be a big miracle but you can feel how awesome she is when you ask her to pray for you. You’ll get what you want from God immediately.

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What?? Am I missing something, or what in this thread isn’t Catholic teaching?

Here’s a Vatican-approved story that comes from my general area that I find quite inspiring.

If you Google this gentleman, you’ll find several accounts of his story, including secular press. And one final note: the article references his “I’ll get to it later” approach to Catholicism; I can’t say for certain, as I’m not able to locate a source at the moment, but for some reason I was thinking he did go through with RCIA later.

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Ah, thanks for clarifying. I overlooked that line.

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Did I say that it is a Catholic teaching???

I was despairing over past sins, I asked padre pio to show me a mitton or glove on the street

I went to a healing service weeks later and this old man put a mitton in my hand , I looked at it and it was one of padre pios old mittons he owned

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I pray in Thansgiving each day for the little miracles Mary grants me through Jesus.

Sometimes when im trying to do the right thing, but my hands are tied, God comes to the rescue. Right now i am stuck in a very worthy thing ,but am stuck.

My faith tells me to have patience.

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