Ok, so someone told me recently to lower my expectations regarding certain hopes I have.

He told me that God just isn’t going to do something for me no matter how hard I pray.

Now, he said other things I agree with- I have to do my part, I have to suffer in Christ, etc. That is all true.

But why should we not pray for miracles? Or, why should we limit God in our hope/expectations of miracles?

If we are to believe that God doesn’t perform miracles, then why believe in Christ?
Why believe Jesus did any miracles?

Why pray for healing?
Why pray for world peace?

Why pray for anything?

And then why hope?

If we are to be ridiculed or pitied for hoping for miracles of the impossible, then doesn’t that destroy every thing Christians are supposed to believe? Transubstantiation, anyone? The resurrection?

What is the point?

You pray with the trusting heart of a child who knows that God is omnipotent, loving and merciful.

Our God is a God of miracles. Miracles still happen today. Surely we can pray for world peace, end of abortion, miraculous healing, success of an impossible task, finding the right person to marry, getting a job in a narrow job market etc……

We ought to do our own best, pray fervently with faith, leave the rest to God, and be ready to comply with God’s will whether his answer is Yes, No, or Wait.

Keep praying. Don’t give up hope. I’ve prayed for what seems impossible and my prayers were granted.

I pray with the miraculous in mind because that is exactly what Christ’s life demonstrated. The miraculous amongst every day life.

Does that mean we have to live in point of view of denial? Nope. Nor does it exempt us from having to get up every day and deal with whatever the day’s realities present to us.

But if one isnt going to believe in the miraculous, why even bother believing in Christ. He did, after all, walk on water, heal the blind,deaf, lame, forgive sinners, turned water in to wine, raised the dead, and was resurrected Himself.

Believing in Him=believing in the miraculous.

God Bless.

I will pray for you and your faith. Please pray for me and my faith. :slight_smile:

I knew a very holy priest who is now deceased, and he said many times that we should not limit the Lord.

When we ask rightly, we will receive. Miracles can and do happen. When we keep praying for what seems to be an impossible situation we grow stronger, if we trust Him, in the process of our praying.

God’s timing is perfect! Pray, and trust Him no matter what!

The DVD of Father Donald Calloway called “Extreme Mercy” is the awesome testimony of that priest.

He tells of his misspent youth and the circumstances that led him finally to become a priest! He is the poster boy for the Divine Mercy Devotion. Incredible testimony! At the end of his hour-long testimony he pleads with others to keep praying for their straying loved ones.

Thank you, Dorothy. At this grace filled liturgical season, I thank you for sharing that priest’s wise and insightful faith…

You are welcome. And I am so blessed to have been able to attend his Mass and conferences once monthly many years ago.

His excellent talks on prayer and other topics can be found here:


We pray for a miracle at every mass, which is always answered. We pray the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ, and God answers the prayer by perforMing the miracle for us.

We all understand that, but I understand that is not the kind of miracle Norm is asking about.

He is asking about the kind, where God in His All powerful providence, reaches out and touches our lives in such a way that changes our present circumstance , which often are dire and make us desperate (like those that I listed that are found in the Gospels).

The miracle of the Eurcharist strengthens us, but doesnt necessarily alter the course of our every day lives…

Praying for you Norm. I know that the desperation you are feeling is like that of the woman with an issue of blood, who in her desperation said to herself, “if only I can touch the hem of His garment, and I will be healed”…

This world seems bleak and dark and that is because we have spend hundreds of thousands of years at war with our God and with each other. I was a Catholic and have not renounced the love of Christ but study his teachings, life, and develop my relationship with him with enhanced truth from The Urantia Book teachings. That is the next step in spirituality. And then another step. Check out Gabriel of Urantia (gccalliance.org/resume/) He’s a living example of what it is to walk in faith, hope, and love always expecting the miracle.

I looked over the materials, and it sounds like a recycled, slightly modified version of all the other New Age-y, celestial being stuff that has been out there for years. I don’t know how old you are, Avalona, but none of this is new. Neither is it based on any reality. What is more, it is not Christian.

Assuming you are telling the truth, that you are a Christian, I would lead you to read books on Christian spirituality that have been around a while and are tried and true, and abandon that other stuff because, I have been there, and it leads to silliness.

Since you like the mystical stuff, you may benefit from something like:

An Anthology of Christian Mysticism by Harvey Egan.

Just suggesting you expand your horizons a little.

I have heard of the book of Urantia. Please be aware that there are many esoteric sounding books that may sound good, but do not contain the Truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Studying and praying about His Precious Life is what we need to make sense of this life with its joys, sorrows, sufferings, and trials. Our Lord Jesus is Risen and truly with us always.

May He be praised and blessed forever and ever and lead us all on His Way.

You showed up just out of no where to make this post? Or are you being less than honest and just made up a new username to make this post?

I suspect he perhaps meant that you pray for God’s will and if your request is NOT God’s will then it will never happen. However, you will not know God’s will without pray so keep doing it.

As for lowering your expectation…Apple Sauce ! If there is one thing I have learnt, my expectation need to be hired. God has given me things that are very special without my praying. The truth is some things I have never prayed for because they are so great, I never knew they existed. If that makes sense


I don’t know that you need to “lower” your expectations, but perhaps think of expanding them to encompass a fuller truth. Miracles can happen. At the same time, this world is fallen, ugly, permeated with poison fumes of sin and enemies of Christ. The world often works against our prayers, as if its design, once in harmony with the will of God, has altered itself to work against it. And we are in that fallen world. And our earnest prayers often do not attain the results in accord with what we asked for. Others will tell you that God used your prayers in ways we cannot know. While this can be an unsatisfying response in the face of the one praying and toiling day after day, year after year, to a seemingly empty ear, the person of great faith looks to Christ himself, begging to be spared from the bloody cup of the cross, and that prayer is not answered in the way it was asked. What can we do, but admit, through the pain, that our suffering must have some value, or the Incarnate Son would not have first led the way in that order. What can we do but continue to pray? To whom shall we go, cries the confused Peter, who, although he has no answer, can only trust in the Master as a child might accept distasteful medicine from his mother or father, not because he understands why the parent would let him be subjected to such pain and discomfort, but because he knows the parent loves him and that it is for his benefit. I am sorry that this post does not bring your prayers to reality and that your heart may remain sunken absent of the desired miracle.


Cannot even quantify how true this has been for me. Some of the prayers took years, others decades, and some took minutes.

It all up to God and how it fits into the divine plan. The best prayers are for the salvation of souls and for God’s will. It is alright to ask for other things but in the end it falls onto the free will of humanity and if it will better suit God’s will. Christ himself stated ask and you shall receive.

I understand your feelings, I get ridiculed for saying one should pray for the mentally ill. However, I have seen some of these poor suffering people become healed simply through deliverance prayers. Yet I will run into professionals (even some Catholics) who feel it is not a miracle from prayer but simply psychosomatic.

Pray for that someone who told you to lower your expectations. They may be damaged by life’s cynicism and worldliness.

As a side note, beware of the Uranita fluff. Prelest (spiritual delusion) is very real and very dangerous.

God Bless

If we believe the Our Father that Jesus taught us we would pray for God’s will to be done. God’s will might not be the end result or the timing we would like to see. If prayer becomes a game of trying to bend God’s will to our will, I don’t think we will get too far. In the Our Father we are taught to pray for our daily bread, that is, everything that we need to make it day to day, from the spiritual meaning of Eucharist, to the material meaning of food, shelter and clothing. Jesus would not ask us to pray for our daily bread if He thought that God would not give us these necessary things. He also taught us to pray for deliverance from evil. Again, Jesus wouldn’t ask us to pray for something that God would not want us to have. But even there, never forget that God asked His only Son to suffer and die for us. When we ask for His will to be done, we must be prepared for whatever cross He might send us. Jesus did say, “Take up your cross and follow me,” didn’t he? The secret of the spiritual man is his knowledge that dying to self opens him up to happiness. We all must suffer certain things and we all must die. When we accept these things as from the hand of God, when we become lambs led to the slaughter even as The Lamb went freely to Calvary, we have discovered the secret of this life. This is not our home. We’re sojourners in a strange land. Our happiness is getting on the path to heaven and is ultimately realized when we get there. As you pray for what you think will make you happy, you might just come to realize that it is something else entirely that will really make you happy. Don’t give up. Keep praying.

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