miraculous medal prayer

I really don’t know anything about the history of the miraculous medal but I like to pray this prayer for purity when I have sinned. And when praying to Mary. It seems effective. If someone is in mortal sin and dies or something having not been able to get to confession, for example at my parish they have confession once a week, what would be the status of their soul?


This is one of Mother Teresa’s favorites along with the prayer, memorare.

Mary promised Great Graces and Abundant Graces to those who wore her gift and trusted her
to bring them great and abundant graces. Trust is easy since how could Mary do otherwise than to keep her promises. She said she wants everyone to have one.

The picture of Mary on the medal is called Our Lady of Grace, and shows her arms down and stretched out. There are rays of light comming from her hands. These rays are comming from each ring on her fingers. Each finger has 3 rings. Many rings are radiating light, but some are not. She said that those emanating light are graces that were asked for. Those that didn’t shine rays of light were graces lost because they were not asked for. So it is very important that we ask her for those great graces. And she did say great graces not just graces.

When tempted hold on to the medal and ask her for those great graces she promised. She will give them to you, and at times you will be taken back by how she responds.

It is also good for other temptations and trials in our lives as well. Whenever any kind of temptation comes, hold the medal in your fingers, and ask her to help you. It is good with anger, jealousy, drinking, impatience, and more.

This gift from Mary is very powerful when believed and used actively. The devil has found clever ways to tempt, but she has found ways to calm and strengthen all the more. When in prayer and the distractions become overwhelming, hold the medal and ask Mary for protection from distractions, continue to hold the gift and pray.

This gift can be used in all sorts of ways for graces of all kinds.

Short story of St. Catherine Laboure.

The incorrupt body of St. Catherine Laboure today.

There are no other promises attached to the medal. But great and abundant graces covers whatever a person made need to help them in their spiritual needs to be one with her son.

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