Miraculous medal question

For Christmas this year I bought my wife a necklace. I had it blessed but there’s a problem. She currently wears a miraculous medal around her neck. I didn’t know what the protocol was so can I return a blessed item to the store?

Not sure of the protocol.
You may have to bury it in the back yard.:ouch:

Why are you returning it?
Your wife could keep it until she needs it.
Sometimes necklaces can break.
My understanding is that blessed items cannot be sold again but can be re gifted (as long as you explain they are blessed)
Happy Christmas!

Yes, you may return the item to the store.

The item, however, would have to be presented for a new blessing by the one who eventually purchases it, since in the interim it will have lost the blessing you obtained for it.

I didn’t want to resell it, but return it. My understanding is the miraculous medal has to be worn around the neck. So she can’t wear the necklace I bought.

As I wrote earlier, you are able to return it.

Just to clarify, the medal of the Immaculate Conception – that is familiarly known as “the Miraculous Medal” – does not have to be worn around the neck.

I have many times over the years blessed small versions of it, which women intended to attach to either a watch or bracelet that they wore on their wrists.

I have also blessed rings, brooches, and even lapel pins that were the Miraculous Medal.

It is many times the centerpiece of rosary beads, which people do not wear but carry on their person. I have also known people allergic to metal who carry such sacramentals on their person inside rosary cases, which prevents the medals from touching their skin and causing the allergic reaction.

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