Miraculous Medal / Scapular Medal

I feel this is a silly question but here goes.

I was enroled in the brown scapular many years ago. I’ve not worn one for quite some time now, but I’ve decided to start wearing the scapular medal. I already wear a Miraculaous medal. Can I wear both medals together on the same chain? If it’s a case of one or the other, which should I wear and why?

Well, you should wear a cloth scapular if possible. I can’t remember which pope, but one said Mary wouldn’t be that pleased if someone cared more about personal vanity or convienence than Her outward sign of love. But if you had to wear it on a chain, I don’t see why you couldn’t wear it w/ a Miraculous Medal too…

You can also get a “4 way medal” that has the Miraculous Medal, the Scapular Medal, and a St. Christopher (he’s still a saint, he’s just not on the universal calendar but is still celebrated by his devotees, which is perfectly fine) and St. Joseph holding the Infant Jesus. I also wear a crucifix with my 4 way medal–you can wear as many medals and other sacramentals as you want. And the cloth scapular is fine, of course, but it is only required that Lay Carmelites wear it.

That’s cool. I didn’t know that :thumbsup:

It’s not so much a matter of vanity or convenience, but of trying to satisfy the conditions required to receive the graces of both the Brown Scapular and the Miraculous Medal, which I know involves more than just hanging a medal (or medals) around my neck.

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