Misinterpreted teaching - is teacher at fault?

A Catholic in a position to be considered a teacher (in the millstone sense) once told me something that I suspect I misinterpreted in a way inconsistent with Catholic teaching. Since the error is mine, the teacher has no fault, correct?

I am in religious education and I cannot count the times that people ( young and older) have taken what I said either out of context or totally inaccurately. Your question has an obvious answer. If the teacher was misinterpreted then s/he cannot be held accountable for how you understood his or her teaching. A teacher can only be held accountable if they actually misrepresent the Catholic Church in an intentional presentation and they do not correct their mistake. So, no, if the error is yours then the teacher is not at fault. If there is more to your question please clarify or else you have your answer. God bless… teachccd :slight_smile:

Oh my, perhaps they were ambiguous? Known to others to be faulty teachers…? can happen though.

However, having had five kids, I began to notice certain misunderstandings…usually starting about 3rd grade up…Listening skills, distractions, misunderstandings, only catching part of it as they were talking, using ‘cognitive’ interpretations for assimilation that were faulty…public school, “teacher says we’re having church at school tomorrow”. “What? Exactly what did teacher say to you?” “I dunno something about church tomorrow”…think…“Did teacher say they were having an ‘in service’ day?” “yeah, that’s it”

Teacher was not responsible.

I didn’t even hold a parish priest of a friend of a friend in college responsible for the kid’s definition of ‘grace’. (I was protestant and he used it so many different ways, I had to ask what he meant when he used the word grace.) “It’s kinda like, well, I dunno, it’s having suck (meaning clout back in those days) with God, yeah that’s it”. See? And God forgive me I was horrified but also laughed…

In sixth grade, a Catholic friend trying to explain a few things to me as she’d just gotten confirmed totally confused me as she’d gotten the terms Assumption and Ascension mixed up.

We pray, we try to understand. We pray, we try to help each other in the confusion as the whole world is this way!!! And there are times they are going to slip. Unfortunately, right or wrong, if it’s a priest at mass, I do not celebrate the Eucharist when there is a definite erroneous statement made? Am I wrong? Would that be considered superstitious about the ‘wrong spirit’ or attitude? And if I am to take this to my brother before I go to the altar of God, yet already gone to reconciliation, yet …But isn’t there a hierarchy and protocol dictates a deacon to take it to the priest? Yet surely a deacon would note this and take it to them so I need not say anything?

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