Mispost. No delete option?

I can’t see a “Delete” option.

Hi @Edmundus1581,

It’s there.

Choose the little three dot icon option that you see inside of your Reply box.

Click on that, and that’s where you then see the flag, bookmark, and the little trash can icon for deleting.

Click on the trash can, and you can then delete your post.

It will then give you a message after it deletes your post that it will be removed/deleted in 24 hours, unless it has been flagged.

Thankyou, but when I click the three dots all I get is this…

No trash can.

I’ve seen the trashcan option there before, but for some reason it’s not doing it now.

Any ideas? :smiley:

Would it be an older post?

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I don’t know why it wouldn’t show up in there?

All that I can think of would be to try refreshing your page, and see if it shows up again.

If you’re still having problems, then I would tell you to contact the CA webmaster for help, in case something is wrong with your ability to access some of the forum features.

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The picture he posted is only 8 hours after the post was made, so that is in the timeframe where posts can be edited or deleted.

My suspicion is that it is because it is the first post in the thread. It’s likely that we cannot delete our own post if it is the start of a thread. Otherwise it would either leave the second post as appearing to be the original post or else it would delete the entire thread—of which neither option is likely to be desirable.

My recommendation is if you have started a thread and you want it deleted, send a PM to cawebmaster or camoderator.


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