Miss America Runner up promotes Modesty




"During last night’s Miss America pageant, the eventual first runner-up, Miss South Carolina Rachel Wyatt, told judges and at-home viewers, “Something that we’ve lost sight of as a culture is how important it is to be modest. And I think Miss America is a role model for so many young girls, and they need to know that you don’t have to wear revealing clothing or be sexy to be beautiful — you just need to be you.”…


The best version of modesty is the one where you don’t have a bunch of young women paraded around on a stage for people to evaluate who is the most beautiful. It’s objectification that is steps away pornography.


I can say why some people have issues with pageants, but to say they inherently violate modesty is not correct or accurate.

They may objectify women via their beauty, but that has nothing to do with modesty per se.

If there is a swimsuit competition, we can discuss that, but modesty and objectifying vanity and beauty are different things.


Too bad she didnt win. The article though is problimatic when it says “No woman should ever be shamed for choosing to dress modestly, just as no woman should ever be shamed for choosing to dress her body in more revealing ways.” Maybe not shamed but women should know that purposely dressing immodestly is sinful.


I am glad that a millennial American woman would promote modesty in a culture that values feminism.


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