Miss California under attack.

Looks like the vultures are circling. Anybody surprised. Funny how they find contract violations now.


I disapprove of beauty pageants in general but if she has a contract she is probably legally bound to it. This is why no girl should sign a contract until her lawyer has looked at it.
If she’s not receiving money for her work with the organization for marriage she may
not be in violation.

I really don’t “get” how her parents allowed her to have partially nude photos taken
of herself!
This kind of stuff STARTS with Toddlers and Tieras and those who support them.
I REALLY have issues with those pageants.
I’m at sixes and sevens about the idea of child actors as well, although if handled well
it can be a good thing…thinking of Opie here.

The malicious persecution of this woman begins.The funny thing is that the more she is pilloried the more the other side exposes their ugly vicious and punitive underbelly.This is the same organization that released her personal medical information to the media.

Their absolute totalitarian intolerance is being exposed and for that we should be thankful.

She did not give the politically correct answer, so they are out to destroy her, any way they can. She deserves our admiration for standing up for her Christian beliefs. She’s in for a long, rough, time from the haters, I’m afraid…Roanoker

[quote=the article]The directors of the Miss California USA pageant are looking into whether title holder Carrie Prejean violated her contract by working with a national group opposed to gay marriage and by posing semi-clad when she was a teenage model.

OMG, the Miss California USA pageant paid for Ms Prejean’s breast implants so she would have a better chance of winning! Where do they get off by condemning her “semi-clad” modeling as a teenager? The bikini she wore in the contest was certainly more revealing than those earlier photos (with or without the breast implants.)

I don’t think that she deserves our admiration. Christian women, as a rule don’t pose
half nude and she never answered the question.

Who do you mean by “they”? Prejean is getting more attention than the actual winner
and she’s having a wonderful time.
There are people in this world who are being persecuted, this woman is not one of them.

If she’s at fault, let it be between God and her!!
I’ll find it out on the last judgment!!
In the meantime, pray and pray more for the conversion of poor sinners, including me.

It’s disturbing, but the media would have left this alone had she not made a statement favoring traditional marriage. That statement did result in some vicious attacks being unleashed.

If you are in the public eye for any reason, you can bet that everything–everything–in your past will be dug up by your enemies. And it’s quite easy to do. Anything that goes on the internet stays on the internet–forever. And is accessible to all.

i saw the news this morning about the “new” photo. i guess it was taken when she was trying to find modeling work. i hope nothing worse is dug up.

i was surprised to learn that the pageant had paid for breast implants. that seems to be going a little far to boost the odds of your contestant winning. i am surprised that she would have gone along with that and not have been conflicted about that somewhat.

however, i am not going to judge her. she is definitely being put in the spotlight - both good and bad - for anwering the question the way she believes. i hope this is truly her belief.

it seems as though she is in the crosshairs of some certain groups that are definitely out to discredit her in anyway that they can.

Good thing she’s for traditional marriage. That means I still have a shot with her! :D:D

go for it!!! LOL;)

I commend this young women for standing up for her faith regarding traditional marriage, and she should not be attacked for it.

I wonder though, how is it that Christian women still think it’s ok to enter things like beauty pagents, where they are basically just parading their bodies around for people to gawk at. And how is it they think it’s ok to model for swimwear, and lingearie? Christian women need to start becoming more modest again.

Are you up for preaching it?

Do you have to be against beauty pageants in order to think that same-sex marriage should not become public law?

No, not necessarily, but as a Christian there are certain moral principles we should try to live by in our daily life, one of those being modesty in dress, and when women parade themselves around in bikinis, and get breast implants, how is that representing Christ? I’m not trying to judge motives, but this is such a prevalent sin in our society, and when women do this they are tempting men into lust. People cannot pick and choose which moral principles to follow as Christians. I realize we are fallen and struggling creatures, but Christians should be aware of what is appropriate dress, etc… I find many “Christians” do not take the sexual morality aspect of Christianity all that seriously.

Sure, I also think we can preach it everyday by how we choose to dress and act. I greatly admire people like crystallina Evert, and Jason Evert, they are great Chastity speakers!

Some of us have been doing that. Apparently, it’s not enough.

This isn’t an attack. This has happened to tons of beauty queens. Many women in those industries have taken nude pictures because the whole point of competing in things like beauty pageants is to use your physical appearance to gain fame and money (and world peace!). These aren’t women who are real concerned with modesty and what’s in their minds, at least not at the expense of looking good.

Tons of beauty pageant people have had nude pictures surface after winning, and tons have lost the crown.

Personally, I don’t think having taken nude pictures means you’re a bad person who should lose the crown, but most of the US does. As long as she felt comfortable with what she was doing, which is up for debate, I think she should be able to present her body as she wishes. But in this digital world, if you gain any fame, pictures will resurface, so don’t take them unless you’re prepared to deal with it.

But I definitely don’t think this is an attack, it would have surfaced anyways, and she would have been fired anyways - it’s just more fodder for the people who don’t like her.

If she had said she was pro-gay marriage or something, people would all be decrying her lack of moral character with these photos here. I agree it’s not very Christian to take the photos, but if you don’t think she should lose the crown for her opinion on gay marriage, why should we care if she took some immodest pictures? That’s her choice, her opinion on the matter, and it hurts no one. There are better things to worry about - it’s just her hypocrisy that bothers me, not any photos she took.

If one reads some of the posts here one must be COMPLETELY without sin in order to proffer an opinion on so-called same sex “marriage”.Are all those here without sin?I’m sure not.Why so eager to cast a stone at this young woman?Please spare me the accusation that she is morally compromised.We ALL are.She spoke the Truth.A little respect please.

Oh yes she is. She is being pilloried for giving an answer she thought was middle of the road, one essentially the same as the one that Barack Obama has given. Even a whore can be raped, and she is not that.

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