Miss Honduras Found Dead After Vanishing Days Before The Miss World Competition


** Miss Honduras Found Dead After Vanishing Days Before The Miss World Competition **


Reigning Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado, vanished with her sister, Sofia Trinidad, after a party last Thursday.

BBC reports, citng officials, that Alvarado, 19, and her sister have been found dead.

The pair had been celebrating a friend’s birthday near their home town of Santa Barbara, where student Alvarado was spending time with her parents before flying this week to London to represent her country.

The missing women were last seen getting into a vehicle as they left the party.

It emerged on Monday four people including Trinidad’s boyfriend had been arrested and were being questioned as the last-known people to see them alive.

The case has caused consternation in the notoriously violent central American country, home to the most dangerous city on the planet.

San Pedro Sula, just over 30 miles from Santa Barbara, is the murder capital of the world with more than 1,200 killings a year among its nearly one million inhabitants.


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Very sad, what kind of people would do such thing, prayers for the poor girl and her sister. Latin America really needs economic aid and probably some sort of police force there. The boyfriend and 3 others arrested. I can’t imagine motive, jealousy, that is no excuse.

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Very sad. She was very pretty. She was to compete in her pageant very soon. Honduras said they were not sending anyone to replace her out of respect.


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