Miss. locks up more per capita than China and Russia




Miss. also has a fairly high murder rate among states. Sad.




I wonder why.


According to the story, 3/4 of incarcerations are for non-violent offenses. Part of the problem is mandatory minimum sentences.


Probably poverty, despair, drugs, etc.


We do not know, in China and Russia, how many of its miscreants are simply just killed. That’s one way to keep the prison population down. And what in the world makes these writers think they got the truth out of them anyway?


I wouldn’t want to be in a Russian prison for anything-massively high drug resistant TB among those populations.


Among other things.

But do they count the ones in the Chinese and Russian internment camps? (Gulags)


Probably due to numerous social and financial issues.


“By not supporting our public schools, we are either training low skill, low wage adults who will rely on government assistance to live, or we are keeping our prisons full, which cost us twice what fully funded schools would cost,” he said. “The circle of poverty and diminished lives remains unbroken.”

The average person inside Mississippi prison has a sixth grade education or less. “Research has shown that a person with an education is less likely to go to prison,” Epps said.

From the article, for the record, I’m thinking Mississippi is one of the poorest states per capita income.


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